[Guide] Evil Nun – The Broken Mask : Complete Walkthrough

Evil Nun The Broken Mask walkthrough. This guide was written during Early Access in November 2022. Evil Nun invites you to a religious summer camp. When you arrive, you notice that the camp is very different from what you imagine, when suddenly a nun knocks you down with a hammer. You wake up in an abandoned school and have to manage to avoid each other.

Cross the bridge

Welcome to Evil Nun. At the start of your game, you are locked in your room. You can view the objectives to figure out that you need to power up a fuse box first. Attention, the nun Madeline moves randomly in the school. Stay discreet by crouching so as not to make you wait. Use the many hiding places so as not to be seen. Avoid making too much noise by moving surrounding objects so as not to attract it.

Let’s start by finding the fuse box. Go upstairs to discover a door in front of the dining room on fire. Push the door to find the fuse box inside. Now that you know where to put the fuses let’s go looking for them. You can read the instructions in the objectives menu to find a clue where they are. The first is in the kitchen, the second in the dining room and the last in a nun’s room.

The simplest is on the ground floor. Look for the nun’s room west of the front door. You will find the fuse lying on a bed. Take the fuse back to the box above. Remove the hinges and insert the fuse. Let’s go looking for the second fuse.

Direction the dining room on fire and more particularly behind one of the doors to the west. You’ll find the kitchens inside with the fuse laying next to a window and the dishes.

The last fuse is in the dining room on fire. You spot an intact white cabinet in one corner. Open the cabinet to find the last fuse.

Insert all the fuses and pull the lever near the box. Follow the wire to find the exit. Activate the button to open the gate and cross the bridge to reach the neighboring building.

Look up

After crossing the bridge and the outer courtyard, enter the second building. Locate the theater in the center of the building and head east to spot a classroom. Pick up the broom in the room. Go to the exit door and open the door to the east. Look at the ceiling to find displaced boards. Use the stick to knock down a crowbar.

Box of cookies

Pick up the crowbar and return to the theater. Use the crowbar to open a hiding place to the left of the stage. Take the cookie box inside and exit through the outer door east of the theater. Climb above the building using a ladder. Join a chimney to throw the cookie box inside.

Go back down carefully thanks to the scaffolding. Directly on entering, turn left to find access to the cellar. Go inside to find the open box of cookies with a key. Take the key and exit through the school exit door. Run to the road to finish the level.

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