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Visage our complete solution step by step in image. Our guide lists all the puzzles, paths, item locations in the game. Check out the Dolores, Lucy, Rakan chapter walkthrough and unlock the good ending. Visage is an independent first-person survival horror video game developed by Quebec company SadSquare Studio. The game project, started in January 2016, was funded by a Kickstarter campaign. The game is available in early access since October 2, 2018.

soluce complète visage jeu vidéo guide fr astuce dolores lucy rakan toutes les fins

Guide : Chapters of Visage

Chapter of Rakan

To start Rakan’s Chapter, head downstairs to the front door. You must interact with the crutch placed near the coat rack.

Head to the living room, where there is now a wheelchair.

Go interact with the wheelchair to start the first cutscene. Approach the two doors leading to the dining room. A cutscene begins.

To follow Rakan’s story, continue your way into the kitchen. Take the same path as the character in the cutscene. You must open the door located after the kitchen. In this room, go towards the chair to continue the story.

Return to the entrance. Once the cutscene is over, take the stairs from the entrance to go to the first floor. You need to go to the office.

The office door is locked with a black stain and an eye. To unlock the door, turn around. Opposite the office door is a painting hanging on the wall. On this painting, is inlaid an eye. You must interact with the eye to unlock the door.

Open the office door and sit in the wheelchair. A new cinematic plunges you into a hospital. Get up from your bed and get out of your room. To continue, you must reach room 323. You must first find the key to this room. The key is located in the nurses’ office ‘Nurse’s Station’.

You can follow the signs on the walls indicating the way to find your way. From your room, go straight past the rooms: 304B, storage, and meeting room 3F. Follow the direction of the Psychiatric Ward. Once in the waiting room, you will find the Nurses’ Station. Enter this room. Take the key to room 323 is located on the desk.

Exit the nurses’ office and go down the hallway in front of you. You will pass in front of room 311. At the end of the corridor, turn left to find room 323. Use the key to open the room.

In the bedroom, there is a small room on the right, go there. Interact with a broken wall. You need to find a tool to break it. Retrace your steps as if you were going to your room. Head towards Meeting Room 3F.

You will approach an intersection with an elevator. When you are in this space, crying will be heard. They come from the women’s restroom near the elevator. Head into the restroom. The door opens by itself. At the bottom of the toilet, you will see light. Go towards the light to find broken toilets and the tool to recover.

Take the crowbar and return to room 323. Now you can break the wall. Once broken, interact with the wall to go into the other room. Take the 3F conference room key (meeting room) located on the top of the trash can.

Exit the room to go to the conference room located in the hallway near your room. Follow the signs (meeting room 3F) on the wall to find easily.

From then on, you can be attacked by Rakan at any time. As soon as you hear him speak, run and hide in a room to dodge him. As soon as his lyrics or music stops, you’re off the hook.

The room meeting Room 3F, is lit with a red light. Use the key and enter this new room.

At the far right of this room, you will find a table with a flashlight on it. Take the flashlight and the Transit Wing key.

You must leave this room through the door with traces of hands. Stand to the left of the picnic table and push it to the right. Exit the room and go forward to return to the halls of the hospital. Go towards room 323 to find the transit wing. You can follow the signs to find your way around. This room is located in the hallway after the waiting room. You will see plenty of exit signs in the room. Open the door and enter.

Go to the back of the room to the broken window. Interact with it to initiate a cutscene. In the house, use your lighter to light up and not go crazy. Follow a black branch on the ground, it takes you to the basement. In the living room, you will see a door blocked with two eyes. You need to find two paintings with an eye to unlock her.

To find the paintings, follow the branches on the ground. They are all connected to a table. A painting is located in the storage room near a mannequin. A light illuminates it.

The other painting is next to the locked door. In the room with a freezer, there is a painting on the wall. Taking the eye triggers the arrival of Rakan. Take this eye right after being chased or during a chase, as Rakan will already be in the house and will not be able to spawn in that room directly.

The door is unlocked, go open it. Sit in the wheelchair. Back at the hospital, head for the elevator. On your way, you will see a man, he does nothing to you. In front of the elevator you will see a horde of characters. You must crouch to pass between them in the path that is clear.

Once in front of the elevator take the key on the floor. It’s the key to the stairs.

Retrace your steps, still squatting. Once out of the horde, you will see a red light in front of you. Go in his direction to find the stairs. They are on the left near the waiting room. Open the door with the key.

Go down the stairs and open the bottom door. The room you need to go to is the Medical Records Dept room. It is located to the right of the entrance, but it is blocked by carts. Go straight ahead following the path to find the room. She is next to a room filled with a black substance with footprints on the floor. Follow the footprints on the ground, they lead you into the room where you have to listen to a tape.

Exit the room and continue on your way to the right. Follow the direction of the Bloc F1 room. You will find a hallway with flashing lights.

In this corridor, you must go to the first room on your left. This is the Admissions Office. This room is illuminated by a red light. You will find the Basement Staircase key on the desk.

Leaving this room, you will be chased. Go straight ahead towards the cafeteria. There’s enough space in this room to dodge Rakan. Bypass Rakan and retrace your steps. Return to the first door of this level. You will see a sign for the basement stairs, near the carts blocking access to the Medical Records Dept room.

On the stairs, take the floor flashlight. In the basement, open the door in front of you. In this room, open the door on the right and go to the end of the corridor. The last door on the left is the laundry room door. Enter it to find a washing machine with a red light. Interact with the machine to understand that the power must be cut.

Return to the main hallway. Head down the hall to a lighted brown door. To the right of this door is a door with two lockers to its left. Open the door.

In the back left of the locker room, there is a chair. The key to the control room is placed on it. Take it and get out.

Once out of the room, take the right door which is ajar. Interact with the pipes. Take the path following the pipes. Get down if necessary and come out the other side.

Once out of this passage, go to your left towards the cleaning trolley. A curtain hides the entrance to a hallway on the left. At the end of this corridor is the control room.

Go straight ahead to find the control room. As soon as you are in front of a machine with a red light, interact with the button to turn off the power.

Return to the laundry room and open the machine door with a green light. There you find an employee’s magnetic card. Return to the main hallway. On your left, the two doors have opened. Go in this direction and go straight ahead to find an elevator on the left.

Use an employee’s swipe card above the elevator button to open it. In the elevator, there is a pile of bodies blocking the elevator. To use the elevator, you must clear it of all bodies.

Take a first body and take it out of the elevator. This will trigger Rakan’s arrival. Run away from him by hiding in a room. When his music fades, return to the elevator to continue clearing it. When finished, enter the elevator and press the buttons. You are in front of the horde again.

Exit the elevator by crouching and passing between the bodies without touching them. In this part, there are enemies hanging around the hospital. They are blind, walk slowly to avoid them or hide in rooms. Take an immediate left at the exit of the elevator, where there are pieces of glass. Always go straight to come across an intersection. There is a large black stain on the floor near the Nurses’ Station A room.

Go left towards rooms 211 and 230. Keep going straight ahead and follow the red exit signs when they appear. Hide in rooms to survive against the blind. Room 221 is your escape route. Interact with this door with exit panels.

In this room, you are stuck. To exit, you need to go around the room and go to the mirror. On the ground, drawings of eyes will appear. Take another turn and go to the television. This triggers a cutscene. In the house, follow the black branch on the ground and go up the stairs. Once at the top of the stairs, go left until the lights go out. When they light up again, immediately drop back down as Rakan is chasing you.

Flee until the music disappears. When calm has returned, go up the stairs. Go left to find a new door to unlock. This time, you have to find three paintings in one eye.

A painting is in the upstairs bathroom. You have to open the bathtub curtain to find out.

Another painting is located in the parents’ bedroom upstairs.

A painting is located in the dining room on the ground floor.

Now go unlock the top door and sit in the wheelchair. Back at the hospital, head into the waiting room. On your right, the Psychiatric Wand has just opened. Go to the end of this corridor and open the door.

Go past Room 5 on the left to see a cutscene. Near chamber 4 is a passage with a red light. Enter this corridor and continue to your right to open the back room.

In this room is the cell control panel. Press the flashing button number 5. Now you can open the door to cell 5. On the chair is the key to the observation room, take it.

Return to the hallway with the red light. The observation room is on the left before the cell control room.

Take the flashlight in the back of the room. Return to the main hallway. You will see a big black stain and footsteps on the ground. Follow the steps to go to the toilets (bathroom). You have to interact with a toilet filled with black water. You will find the handle of an electrical box in the bowl.

Exit the restroom and follow the steps. They lead you to a cell with handprints on the wall. Look at the wall then exit. This triggers a cutscene. Collect the flashlight on the ground and look at the wall again. It is broken with a secret passage.

Take this path and continue straight until you reach the TV. Interact with. After the cutscene, you need to find a sharp tool to open the eye passage. The knife is on a hospital bed in the far right of the room. Follow the guide: when you are at eye level, take the long path ahead of you and go straight ahead. Go under a grate to land next to a tree with inset televisions. The knife is behind the tree on the right.

To escape Rakan run and duck to pass between the half-open gates.

Once the eye is cut, take the bloody path in front of you and open the door. In this room, interact with the electrical box and put your inventory handle on it.

You can now use the elevator in the psychiatric wing. In this new wing, always go straight ahead. You will see a door ajar, enter this room.

After the cutscene, push the wardrobe in the bedroom to the left to discover a passage in the wall. Follow the path and open the door. Follow the cutscene. You will now see a door with an eye in front of you. Go forward on the glass in front of you to teleport. Turn around, the door is in front of you. Interact with the eye and turn around. There is a hole in the ground. Drop down to complete Rakan’s chapter.

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