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Visage our complete solution step by step in image. Our guide lists all the puzzles, paths, item locations in the game. Check out the Dolores, Lucy, Rakan chapter walkthrough and unlock the good ending. Visage is an independent first-person survival horror video game developed by Quebec company SadSquare Studio. The game project, started in January 2016, was funded by a Kickstarter campaign. The game is available in early access since October 2, 2018.

soluce complète visage jeu vidéo guide fr astuce dolores lucy rakan toutes les fins

Guide : Chapters of Visage

Chapter of Dolores

After the Visage intro cutscene, go down the stairs and pick up the phone in front of you to hear a disturbing message.

Continue through the house to the left to reach the entrance. A key hangs on the coat rack at the entrance. Take the key to start the chapter of Dolores.

With the key with a small mirror attached in hand, return to the hallway before the entrance and insert the key into the door with a mirror.

Inside, a large sheet covers a large mirror. Pull the sheet to reveal the mirror. Return to the entrance and enter the living room. A new sheet is waiting for you near the television. Uncover the sheet.

Another sheet has just appeared above the living room on the balcony. Take the stairs in the entrance to reach it and pull the sheet. Upon uncovering the sheet, you discover a vision of the attic that appears to be above a hatch in the hallway.

Go back down the hall to meet a strange man at the bottom of the stairs. Follow him. The man takes you to the progression room. A poker is planted in a table on the left, take it. Use the poker on the hatch seen earlier to gain access to the attic.

Climb the hatch stairs. You will find a locked tea canister near the rocking chair and a hatch to the right. Drop the hatch to fall into the master bedroom.

A slipper is on the floor near the cradle. Take the slipper and place it on the bed so that you create a pair. The mirror cracks and it’s the turn of the things on the bed to disappear. The door to the room opens. Go to the hallway and follow the umbilical cord to the ground.

A shadow threatens you at the end of the corridor. Let yourself be enveloped by darkness to return home. Traces of blood litter the ground. Follow the tracks to descend into a well.

Proceed through the tunnels to find mirrors in circles. You must look for Dolores’ reflection in these mirrors and follow her. A mirror eventually drops after the search and gives you a way out.

Fall into the mirror to be confronted by Dolores in a confessional. She begs you to bring her child back. Exit the room to find yourself in the introduction room.

You hear a loud horn coming from the garage. The garage is located below a small staircase to the left of the introductory room. A note on the door tells you that the key is in the laundry room.

Return to the intro room. A door is ajar next to a mirror. Open the door to land in the kitchen hallway. In the hallway to the left is a door. Open the door to find the laundry room. The garage key is in the washing machine.

Unlock the garage door. Turn off the horn on the dashboard of the vehicle and take the ground on the windshield.

Equip your mace and go to the balcony above the living room to find a mirror. Hit the mirror with your hammer to find a hallway.

Run quickly down the hall to see a crack. Quickly tap the crack to create a breach before Dolores catches you. Then go forward to find a room filled with hanged man.

A staircase is on the left. A crank is at the foot of a skylight take the crank. Use the crank on the reds in the room to make all the hanged people light up.

Locate the Hanged Man: Moon, Eye, and Shadow. Remove the light from all other hanged people to make an exit appear. Go down the tunnel to find yourself in the lower level of the house.

Locate a cabinet near the downstairs living room. Pull the doors to find a new mirror. Break the mirror and get inside. You enter a cracked room. Enter a gap to go to the other side. In the pile of crosses find a hole and go inside to find a staircase.

Climb the stairs to find a new mechanism. Use the crank on it to raise the crucifix. A knife sits in the center of the statue. Take the knife.

Opposite the downstairs living room is a storage room. In a small staircase in height, is a bathroom. Go inside to find a hole. Dive inside to go up to the top level.

Once back up towards the master bedroom. Opposite the room is the father’s office. A mirror is also fixed to the wall of the room Break the mirror with the hammer to discover the body of the father.

Take the IV bag on the body and stick the knife into the father’s body so that he delivers you a new key. Interact with the library to discover a door. Use the key in the door.

On the table is a box. Open the box to find your first toy. A little surprise awaits you before leaving, be careful not to get killed.

Head to the family room. In the bedroom remove a leaning white frame near the entrance to reveal a hole. Peek over to see three paintings. Hold their shape.

Head to the upstairs lounge. You will find a mirror against the wall. Break it and go down the ladder. In this new room, several paintings are on the floor and against the walls. Replicate the three master bedroom paintings against the back wall.

Behind it is a hospital bed. Plug in the infusion bag and retrieve a new toy.

Head to the storage room in the lower level of the house. You will find in all this clutter a mirror against the wall near a cupboard. Break the mirror with your mace to face Dolores in a dining room. She gives you the key to a tea box. You know what you have left to do. Remember in the attic was a locked box. Take the key to the box to retrieve its contents.

Return to Dolores in the dining room with the special tea. Use the tea with the cup to trigger a cutscene. Dolores tries to burn you alive. Get out of the oven quickly. Once safe and sound, take the crowbar and the toy from the dining table. Exit to the storage room. Near the downstairs bathroom is a mirror smash the glass with the sledgehammer and climb the ladder with the crowbar.

Above the ladder you will find a window. Unblocked the window with your crowbar. Take the compass behind the window. Head to the storage room. In the storage room, there is a corridor under construction filled with insulation. Going down the hall you will find the staircase leading to the chained front door. To his right is a new mirror. Break the mirror with your mass and enter to exit outside. Equip yourself with your compass to find your way through the mist.

Let yourself be guided by the compass to find a cemetery. Proceed through the cemetery path to find a grave with a cradle. Dig up the grave to find a box with a new toy. Exit the cemetery through a mausoleum. Head to the top level to the progression room where there is another mirror to smash with your mace.

Surprise ! A newborn awaits you in this room. Take the sphere he is holding in his hands. Go to the garage. A workshop is in front of the car where the mass was. Embed the sphere in the press to break it.

Inside is a strange squiggle. In the introductory room near the kitchen, there is a mirror. Break the mirror to solve a new puzzle.

Place the plates in the hallway as in the doodle. Do the same for clocks and windows. A door opens with a baby monitor. Take the baby monitor and go upstairs to the bathroom. A new mirror sits by the tub. Break the mirror and enter with the baby monitor. Dolores shows you how. First take the hallway with the 5 a.m. clock, then Midnight, 3 a.m., 7 a.m. and finally 3 a.m. After passing the door, a gore show awaits you. Go forward in the corridor recovered the handle of the phonograph. Back in the house, follow the cordon to find Dolores’ child in the progression room. Give him the child in the confessional.

The last toy falls from the sky. Head to the master bedroom. Place all the toys above the crib to get a key with a musical note. Use the key with the last musical suitcase. You are now in possession of a vinyl record. Go to the downstairs living room. Place the handle and the disc on the phonograph. Follow the music through the mirror behind the phonograph.

After passing the mirror you are in a maze of stairs. This one is simple to solve. You just need to follow the sound of the music to find it out. If a terrifying sound clicks, you’re on the wrong track.

Go through the white door. Spy on Dolores through the holes in the wall to discover Dolores’ fate.

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