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Visage our complete solution step by step in image. Our guide lists all the puzzles, paths, item locations in the game. Check out the Dolores, Lucy, Rakan chapter walkthrough and unlock the good ending. Visage is an independent first-person survival horror video game developed by Quebec company SadSquare Studio. The game project, started in January 2016, was funded by a Kickstarter campaign. The game is available in early access since October 2, 2018.

soluce complète visage jeu vidéo guide fr astuce dolores lucy rakan toutes les fins

Guide : Chapters of Visage

Chapter of Lucy

To start Lucy’s chapter, go to the little girl’s room. The bedroom is on the first floor. Take the stairs in front of the front door to go up. Once at the top of the stairs, go to your right to find the bedroom.

In front of the little girl’s bedroom, interact with the panda drawing hanging on the door. The chapter begins.

In Lucy’s room, head to the first closet on the right. It is located near a toy house.

Open the wardrobe and interact with the drawing in front of you. It represents a little girl and a shadow.

During the first interaction with the drawing, you find yourself stuck in the room. The door locks. To get out of the room, you have to interact with the drawing again. Go towards the upper living room.

In the living room, the television is on. Go turn off the television. The lights go off. The TV turns on on its own, showing you a room where you need to go. The room is in the basement.

You will find the key to the basement in the living room. It is located on the sideboard, near the sofa.

To get to the basement, go back to the level of the front door. The access door to the basement is at the bottom of the stairs.

Open the door and go down the stairs. Join the downstairs lounge. Go through the door to the right of the TV.

This action triggers a flash. Turn around, a camera is placed on the railing of the living room. Take it.

The camera allows you to see drawings not visible to the naked eye. Take photos to discover these designs. They show you the way to go. Once the device in hand, go towards the large hallway leading to the ground floor. You will see the little girl appear at the end of the corridor.

Move towards the girl until she starts to move forward. Wait for her to throw an object on the ground. Once she disappears, pick up the item. Continue to the girl’s location. Take pictures to discover large black traces drawn on the ground and on the walls. These traces lead you to the office, on the first floor.

Enter the office and turn on the lamp on the desk. The door closes. To unlock her, you must take a picture of the wall with a drawing of the girl and a shadow. Approach the drawing to unlock the door.

Exit the office at the entrance where a red light has appeared. Go towards the light and open the door.

A cutscene begins. You are now in an outdoor space. Go forward until you come to a treehouse.

Climb into the cabin using the ladder. Flip the third drawing on the top line to find a Small Key.

Use the small key in the box on the ground.

The radio turns on. Listen to the message and approach the two windows and the exit so that they barricade each other. You have nothing else to do, wait for the end of the speech to return home.

In this part, all the lights in the house are off. Use your lighter to light up and not get fooled. If you are chased by the girl, run until her music is gone.

Back in the living room, you find a box full of switch covers on the sofa. Follow them.

These switch covers take you past the girl’s room, but the door is blocked. To enter the bedroom, you have to go through the dressing room in the parents’ bedroom. This room is located to the right of that of the little girl.

Enter the dressing room and go near the bed. On the wall is a drawing of a red door. Interact with this drawing several times to be able to pass this door.

Here you are in another room full of bird cages. Advance with your lighter and your camera. At the bottom of this room, there is a light. Head towards that light. Lucy appears, move towards her so that she disappears.

Where the girl was, you’ll find a white cabinet on the right. Search the cupboard to find the key to the cage room.

Now head to the back of the room to find the lighted door. Be careful, the little girl is near this door. Move towards it to attract it then go around it. Once the path to the door cleared, open it with the key.

You enter a new room with a red door at the end of a long corridor. Run towards him and open the door. In this new room, there is a birdcage, try to open the door. Turn around to make this door disappear. Approach the birdcage to make the bird disappear. Now look towards the corners of the room to find Lucy at the table.

Wait for it to disappear to make the door reappear. Open the door to enter a new room. In this room, there is a red door. Go through the door and the second. You are plunged into darkness with a cupboard in front of you. Go in its direction and interact with it. A cutscene takes you back into the house.

Go to the first floor bathroom. Take the mannequin jaw from the sink.

Head to the basement storage room. In this room is a mannequin. Interact with the dummy near the wardrobe by putting the item, Dummy Jaw on it.

Open the cabinet to the right of the dummy. Once the doors open, step inside and take a photo to start a cutscene.

Once the cutscene is over, open the door in front of you. Go to your left, towards the stairs going up. Climb the stairs past the girl’s screamer. Go up to the light and take the first right. Two doors are in this new corridor.

Now open the hallway door on the left and continue. Go through different rooms until you reach a lighted white door.

Open the door. Head directly to your right to find a hole in the floor near a cupboard. Fall into it to reach the next room.

In the new level, walk up to the light to find a living room. You will see a shadow and a carpet on the floor. Interact with the carpet at the fold to discover a secret entrance.

Go down the ladder. Once in the underground, move forward. When you are in front of a wall with an eye drawing, interact with it at the hole.

Now you need to get to the start of the level. Go to the end of the corridor, you will come across a wardrobe blocked by a chair. With one free hand, move the chair and open the closet.

Go through the closet to return to the start. You are again facing the first door. Go right this time and go down the stairs.

Go through the door and head towards a half-open door.

Once this door is open, go to the hallway on the right. The first door on your left and blocked. The second door on the right is the correct one. Go straight. Pass four rooms to land in a room with three doors.

Take the door on your left. Walk along the path to find a new door on the left. Open the door to discover a room with a white cabinet. In the cupboard is a rusty key. Take the key and go back to where the 3 doors are. You can now open the right door. After opening the door, a new corridor is offered to you. Go down the hall to the right. You will find a board with drawings of eyes. Take the board.

Once the board in hand, take the path opposite the room. Follow the path, to come across an impassable corridor. Put the board on this hole to be able to pass.

Continue the path until you find a trapdoor in the ground, go down inside.

Continue the path until you find a trapdoor in the ground, go down inside.

Go through the door to discover a new piece of a car. Climb onto the wooden shelf in front of you by interacting with it.

Continue to climb on your left thanks to the boards and the garbage bags. Then move on the hood of the car and climb on the second wooden shelf. Follow the path to reach the door and open it. You are back home. Claws on the wall now lead you to the first floor bathroom.

Enter the bathroom. The two doors close instantly, you are blocked. Open and close the shower curtain once for the water in the tub to flow. Open a second time and close the curtain again and wait a few moments before opening the curtain again. The bathtub fills with water and you can interact with it. Once the cutscenes pass, head to the sink to collect the jawbone and complete Lucy’s chapter.

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