[Guide] Still Wakes in the Deep : Complete Walkthrough [EN]

Discover our complete guide to the Still Wakes in the Deep walkthrough available on Xbox Game Pass PC and PS5. Our solution will guide you through the entire game, with tips for solving the puzzles. Walk through our detailed step-by-step walkthrough with pictures to help you solve each puzzle.

Tip before you start: Still Wakes in the Deep guides you throughout your adventure. You can use one of the directional keys to bring up clues and orient yourself. However, if you lose your bearings, follow the yellow elements. These generally tell you the path to take and the objects to interact with.

At the start of Still Wakes in the Deep , exit into the hallway and follow the signs to the « Canteen » canteen. Go down the stairs and talk to Roy in the kitchens. After your conversation, follow the signs leading to the « Deck » to exit outside the platform.

On the bridge, move forward to reach the elevator and repair it before going up. Once at the top, enter the director’s cabin. After the cutscene, return to the helicopter nearby.

When you wake up, go out the door and join Brodie on the catwalk. Follow his directions and go down the nearby stairs to pull a lever near a poster. Then go back to Brodie to pull a second lever.

Head to the underplateau through the gate east of Brodie. Below, continue moving from platform to platform, jumping and climbing to reach a new door leading to Column C.

Once inside, go down the ladder and pass the column obstacles to reach an exit leading to a maintenance corridor. Rush into the tunnels with your new light. Arrive at a dead end, use your screwdriver to pass through a floor vent. On the other side, a cutscene triggers.

Then continue towards the exit to reach a room blocked by a steam

Start by turning the first valve in front of you to release the ladder. Go down to reach a new valve and free up a new passage. Climb the ladder to reach a third valve that releases the first passage. Retrace your steps to rush through the debris. On the other side, pull the lever to lower a ladder.

Climb up to reach a flooded area. Follow the yellow colored elements to make your way to an exit hatch.

Trapped below, sneak through the nearby slot to find a new ladder. Go up the stairs opposite to find a new exit door.

In cabins, use the heater to keep warm. Then go out into the hallway and follow the sound of the phone to pick it up. Go through the brown door near the map to find a staircase. Go up and go through the door to the Crew Lounge. Inside, go through the half-open door near the billiards table to reach the canteen and the kitchen.

After talking to Roy, go through the ventilation and go into a crack. Go down the stairs to enter a gap. Go through the ventilation to be confronted by your first enemy. Use ventilation to pass machinery and exit to port.

Outside, go down to reach the lifeboat platform. Get closer to the last boat in place. Start by removing the clips from each side of the vehicle. Then pull the lever near the instructions to lower the vehicle.

Go up the nearby stairs and try to open the gate to make a phone ring. Pick up the phone at the bottom of the stairs to receive instructions on opening the gate. Kick the gate to force it open. Continue forward to encounter a barrier of fire. Sneak behind the pipes on the right to find a fire extinguisher and put out the fire.

Go up to pass two doors. Inside the cabins, move the crate to continue. In the hallway, examine the floor to find a vent you can squeeze into. On the other side, go up to the ceiling to pass through a new vent.

You meet your first enemy. Hide by crouching in the vents. Collect items on the ground to lure Trots away from the exit. Once near the exit, run! Pass through a rift to lose Trots.

Then return to the kitchen to talk to Roy. Then exit through the nearest exit to reach the outside. Go down to the bottom of the platform to fall into a dead end. Before you retrace your steps, repair the fuse box against the wall.

Then go behind the ladder you took to find a passage leading lower. Sneak to the right of the crates to find a path to Innes.

Sneak discreetly through the debris following the yellow elements to find an entrance under a grate. Interact with the controls by pressing the red button, then the top button. Join Innes at the elevator and attempt to board the helicopter at the helipad.

Back at the helipad, go down the ladder and go through the director’s cabin to pick up a call. Then continue down the stairs behind to get inside the platform.

Inside, examine the reception desk to make another call. Then search the door at the back to find a fire extinguisher. Use the fire extinguisher to put out the flames in front of you.

Sink into the debris, then go through the door to reach the stairs. Once at the bottom, push a piece of furniture to reach a room. Rush into a gap to trigger a chase against Rennick. Rush to crouch under some debris.

Outside, jump on the helicopter and hold on to jump onto a catwalk below. Go down the scaffolding to get around an obstacle. Jump into the pipes on the left to move the cart.

Then enter the blue booth to answer a call. Then go through the trapdoor on the ground to go down and pass a new grille using your screwdriver. Move a new cart to the bottom of the stairs.

Then jump to get to the other side and enter a blue container to find an entrance further on. In the corridor, climb the ladder located on the side before the electrified pool. Then pull the lever above to be able to pass the basin.

You are trapped in the gas. Go behind the path in front of the cart to find a valve. Turn the valve to stop the gas leak. Then move the cart to continue towards the engine room.

After the engine room cutscene, head to the cabin on the left to find a small entrance to slip into. Inside, pull the lever on the control panel. Make a call on the phone and exit the cabin. After the cutscene, go to the generator room through the door.

On the way, start by using the valve to unblock the path. Go down the ladder and climb into the ventilation to get to the other side. Climb a new ladder and go through the door further.

Go through the red cabin to use ladders and go further. Go through the generator door to turn a new valve. Continue to arrive in the generator room. But an obstacle prevents you from continuing: Addair.

You know the music: use objects on the ground to lure Addair away and move from ventilation to ventilation to advance discreetly towards the cabin. Inside, activate the levers in the following order: Engineering, Processing, Administration, Deck and Accommodation. After the cutscene, take the key behind you and exit through the ventilation grill.

Use the generator key to power it and exit the way you came in while remaining discreet. But Addair has not said his last word. Rush towards the exit. Continue forward to the treatment area. Go to the back of the processing area to find a grate to squeeze through. Interact with the fuse box inside to repair it.

Wait for Addair to leave to unlock the gate door. Flee towards the nearest exit to reach the engine room again. Use the nearby items to get to the cabin at the back of the room.

Inside the cabin, pull the lever on the control panel and pick up the phone. Go through the door inside the cabin to find an exit to the pontoon.

On the other side, collect the fire extinguisher in the dark to put out the fire. Go down a level lower to pass a beam and reach some control buttons. Press the bottom button to lower the counterweight.

Press the button at the bottom again to go across and jump onto the canister hanging in the center to reach the other side. Go down to the flaming platform to put it out with the nearby valve.

Then use the ladder to go down and find an unpowered control box. Pass the pipes to reach the second platform. Go one level higher to find a fuse, repair the control box and use it.

Go down to remove the clip on the mechanism and pull the nearby lever. Then rush into the underwater passage to reach the pontoons.

In the darkness, look on the side for a valve to lift the door. Go inside and when it closes, look for the depths to accelerate and quickly reach the exit at the end. Once out, go through a door to pull a lever and go back underwater.

The water is catching up with you, keep your eyes up to find your way by following the yellow elements to get out of the water. Continue to meet O’Connor. Free yourself from his attack and continue to find the second tension winch. Remove the clip and pull the lever.

Then join the controls in the center of the room to call the elevator and exit. In the cabins, look for a heater near the coffee and telephone to keep you warm. Then pick up the phone and go outside.

Walk forward to find Brodie in one of the cabins. From the cabin, exit and head towards the processing unit. Jump to the other side in the cabin to find a passage under a table. Move forward until you reach an elevator.

Addair is back. Wait for the creature to leave to go out and go behind it in the hidden path so it doesn’t catch you. Press the alarm button to scare him away. Continue hiding using another hidden path further on. Use the valve to put out the fire and move forward.

Run into the ventilation to find a valve and try to put out the flame. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work. Use the ladder to climb down and manually extinguish the flame by quickly crossing the crane.

Only one path is possible to advance using the yellow markers to find your way to the engine room.

After the cutscene with Brodie, dive into the pool to exit via the ladder. Then dive into a second pool to find bars to propel yourself. On arrival, dive into another pool.

Climb the ladder to reach a pool filled with oil. Follow the yellow wire to find an exit and climb towards the exit leading to the cabins. Upon entering, warm up with the heater in front of you to continue through a passage into the toilets. Then go through the ventilation above the sinks.

Once in the hallway, enter the floor vent to reach a new vent above. Trots is back; once gone, sneak into the destroyed cabin to find a passage above.

Then go down the corridor to reach a new passage in the toilets. A new ventilation inlet is located in the new toilets. Sneak inside. Trots chase you; flee to go down to a cabin and find new ventilation. Then run on the roof up the stairs to eliminate Trots. Continue to the roof of the cabins to see Roy again.

Enter the white cabin to start a cutscene. Then pick up the phone to start a chat. Continue by exiting and climbing onto the debris further on. Continue by climbing onto a new crane.

On the other side, go to the command post and carry out Finlay’s requests using the telephone in the back office. Start by taking the key from the man in front of the phone. Use the key on the control panel housing to unlock it. Then flood the pontoon with a red screen. Then join Finlay by taking the exit into the corridor.

Sink into the platform and survive the flood by using the air pockets in the ventilations to reach a new cabin. Pick up the phone and move on. Rennick is chasing you. Always flee forward to eliminate it and reach the drilling module.

You have reached the end of the journey. Try to stop Finlay and enter the core to discover the conclusion of the plot.

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