[Guide] Resident Evil 8 Village – Shadows of Rose Walkthrough

Resident Evil 8 Village Complete Walkthrough Shadows of Rose. RE8 DLC available in Winter’s Expansion. Available on PS5, PS4, Xbox. Our guide traces the main path of the story.


The Underground

At the start, go through the lab exit door to find access to a tunnel. Go inside to reach a closed cell. Your first objective will be to find the key. Continue down the stairs to find the key further down the back of the treatment room.

Return to the cell door to open it with the key. On the other side a cutscene is triggered. Follow Rose’s double to the dungeon. A lever is missing to get out.

Enter the nearby cell with a stained crate. You will find a passage opposite, below the wall. Go through the hole and follow the traces of blood to find a lever after the mountain of corpses. Retrace your steps to place the lever. Monsters are setting a trap for you. Pull the lever to raise the grid. Avoid monsters with barrels and run to the exit when the gate is open.

When you reach the fresco, a light comes to your aid. Follow the light to take cover in the castle. Explore the castle to trigger a new cinematic in the lobby. You understand that your new objective is to acquire the crystal. Run to the exit of the castle so that the light comes to your aid again.

The Castle

The bronze mask

Serious things can begin. With the help of your new weapon, eliminate the threat. After the fight, return to the hall. Push the double door to the dining room. Inside, head to the kitchen. You will find at the bottom in the pantry a bolt cutter.

Return to the dining room to use the bolt cutter with the chained door. Outside, move forward in the square to trigger a cutscene. Follow the directions of the light to find a door. Climb the stairs to reach the floor. Sneak through the corridors to reach another staircase in the workshop after the library.

Drop the ladder at the top of the stairs to create a passage. Follow the path up to find the amplifier in the attic. On the way back, destroy the cores on your way to free the passage. You must follow their veins to spot and destroy them.

On the way back, remember to take the weapon upgrade in the waiting room. Break the core in the outer courtyard to collect the bronze mask.

The silver mask

Return to the Castle Hall. Head upstairs to explore the East Wing. Eliminate the threat and clear the way by destroying the hidden core on the ceiling. Take refuge in the small living room.

Crawl under the fireplace to find a bottle in the armor room to increase your powers. Retrace your steps and head east down the previous hallway to find the wardrobe. Eliminate the enemies on the spot and pick up the one-eyed key.

With your new powers and the one-eyed key, go to the living room near the antechamber to pick up an upgrade for your weapon.

Go to the courtyard to find a one-eyed door to the south. Use the key to open it. Go upstairs and go through the brown door of the ablutions room to solve a puzzle. Push the Rose statues in the following order to succeed. The rope, the blade, the drowning and the arrows. Go through the underground passage to reach a cellar.

Sneak down the hall stealthily, smashing the cores to find the silver mask. Collect the mask and the bombs on your way to make your way back easier. Pick up the snake painting before reaching the stairs in the outer courtyard.

The golden mask

Once back in the hall go upstairs to reach a gallery. Inside, collect the Spider, Sheep, and Frog paintings. Place the sheep facing the wolf, the frog facing the snake and the butterfly facing the spider. Pick up the Three-Eyed Key. Then go to the dining room to take the gun with the key.

Return to the outer courtyard to find the three-eyed door in the building to the north. Unlock the door and smash two cores on the ground floor. Go upstairs and break a third core in height to create a passage to the mask. Collect the mask.

The Duke’s First Challenge

After the cutscene, the Duke gives you his first challenge. You are locked in a cell and the blood level rises. You must quickly find three cores to destroy to stop the rise of blood. The light helps you spot the right nuclei. The first core to destroy is outside the cell against the left wall. The second is in your cell in the center of a rift. The last one is outside the cell in the center of the ceiling.

Exit the cell and join the hall of the castle to place the three masks on the statues. A cutscene is triggered.

The Duke’s second challenge

The duke is back with a second challenge. You have to face the monster in an arena. Against the beast, use your power to slow it down. Take advantage of this moment to aim and shoot at his weak spot in the chest. When losing power, wait for an opening window after his hits to shoot him. Food resources are also nearby. Throughout the fight, you can easily dodge the monster by circling around the pyre. Destroy nearby cores to expand to have more space.

The House

After the Duke’s Challenges, your quest for the Purifying Crystal is not over. You are back in the village. Follow the path through the forest to return to the Beneviento mansion.

Proceed through the corridors of the mansion to reach the workshop. Interact with the crystal in the cage to activate a puzzle. Mr. Monkey who has just appeared, needs an operation. You need to find a chisel to be able to open it. Go east after the lab to reach a hallway. At the bottom of it is an office. Explore the desktop to find number sequences.

The number 02 is hidden in a locker. The number 44 is hidden behind a photo in the library and finally the number 66 is hidden under the desk.

Use the sequence of numbers on the padlock of the cabinet in the office in ascending order: 024466. Collect the chisel inside and go back to see, Mr. Monkey.

Cut Mr. Monkey right in the belly to find a child relief. A new puzzle appears with a doll. You need to find other dolls to reenact scenes. Return to the entrance hallway to place the relief on a door. Go inside to reach the storage room. You will find the Catherine doll on the stage table and the Lucy doll in the corner.

Enter the room next to the storage room and reenact the scene by placing the dolls in the miniature toilets. Get Jimmy’s room key from the drawer. Return to the workshop and follow the hallway to the right to find the door to his bedroom. Open the door and go down the stairs. Free the well by breaking the core and go down the ladder. Collect the Jimmy Doll from the bottom of the well.

Return to the storage room to play another scene. Place Catherine above the ladder, Lucy below, and Jimmy in front of Rose’s doll. Take the black-haired doll from the drawer and set off to reenact the scene in the workshop. Lucy carries a large one-handed staff in the lower right. Catherine holds the pile of wood in one hand in the lower left. Jimmy holds out a pile of wood with two hands in the middle. The girl with dark hair looks at the scene on the right. Take the key from the electrical panel on the table and return to the starting elevator. Bad luck, a fuse is missing. Get the plan for the fuses on the panel.

Enter through the door to the right of the elevator. A giant Mia doll with light-up eyes stares at you. Don’t take your eyes off her. Always look at Mia and follow the path to the fuse. Use the map to locate yourself in space. From one room to another, always look at Mia without turning your back on her. Things get complicated in the kitchen. Always keep Mia in Rose’s line of sight. Use its power against the core above to free the passage.

Mia leaves you alone in the room, retrieve the fuse from the wall. Then look directly at the door to prevent Mia from passing. Join the kitchen while looking towards Mia. Leaving the kitchen, you discover that several Mia are chasing you. Be careful to walk along the left wall on the stairs so as not to take a third Mia in your back.

The second hot spot is in the passage between the walls. Walk along the right wall and enter the office so as not to be blocked. In the office, go around the room to collect all the Mia in a corner. Join the exit, taking care not to touch any Mia.

Use the elevator to enter a new game. In this one you will have to sneak between the furniture and not be seen by the dolls. Proceed discreetly to the first dam. Follow the vein of the blocking core to find it in the heights of a room and break it. Continue past the dam to break a second core and lure the dolls further. In the next hallway where the dolls are making their rounds, you’ll find a third core above the ceiling. Break the core and hide behind the objects in the corridor to let them pass.

In the next room, break the two cores to be able to pass. The first is below the desk and the second above. A giant Mia appears. Go behind her and join the kitchen. Sneak again behind Mia to reach the exit. A chase begins. Run while taking care to destroy the cores on your way to escape the dolls.

At the end of the race, the light brings you back to a safe place. Explore the house and go upstairs to reach the office. Examine the photo of the baby on the wall to find a key behind it. Use the key with the green drawer to get out of the house.

The person responsible for her unhealthy games reveals herself after the cutscene. The culprit is none other than Eveline, the villain of Resident Evil 7. Clear your way by breaking the cores and reach the elevator. Eveline challenges Rose to a duel.

Fight against Eveline

The fight against Eveline is quite simple. First start by taking cover behind cover when she attacks you with her shock waves. Eveline get tired after attacking. Move far enough towards it to use your power and reach it. Clear the cores on your way if needed. Repeat this technique four times to end the fight.

The Giant Core

After the fight explore the village to reach the Giant Core. Destroy all copies of Rose and cores on the way to clear the way to whoever is responsible for this nightmare.

Fight against Miranda

Miranda was hidden behind this whole story. In the first combat phase, follow Ethan who will do all the work. After the cutscene, you’ll face Miranda alone. Do not waste your balls unnecessarily. Dodge her attacks to the side with your powers and wait for her to throw an energy orb at you. Absorb her projectile with your power and then send it back against her to immobilize her. Once still, it’s time to shoot her. Continue to perform this technique throughout the fight to defeat it.

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