[Review] Mullet Madjack: A crazy trip between the Past and the Future [EN]

Who would be against a good dose of nostalgia? Old-timers and newbies alike, come closer! Mullet Madjack is coming to PC! Offering an almost unique formula, mixing Rogue-like and Fast FPS, has the title managed to find its audience?

Mullet Madjack immerses you in a near future where AIs, called “ROBILLIONAIRES”, dominate the world. Human beings have merged with the Internet, for better and for worse. Now addicted to dopamine, human beings need their rush of pleasure every 10 seconds , under penalty of imminent death. Some humans have dedicated their last seconds to the extermination of AI robots and are called Moderators. You play as one of these moderators chosen for a livestream. Your mission: save the damsel in distress from the Nakamura Tower.

Nice pitch, right? Recalling a delicious mix between Crank, Die Hard and Terminator , Mullet Madjack offers an original fusion. Where many studios might have opted for a less elaborate storyline to support their gameplay, Hammer95 offers a wacky story that fits perfectly with the experience on offer. This psychedelic background helps create the vintage kitsch atmosphere of the 90s .

But beyond the atmosphere, something strikes us from the outset: its design. The models feature an Anime Retro style from the good old 90s. The player is immersed in a 3D universe composed of sprites and corridors reminiscent of the first Doom. The main character is very inspired by Fist of the North Star and his sidekicks from Ranma ½ , the good old days. But this diversity unfortunately stops there, with only four protagonists. The rest of the threats all have almost the same appearance and have a low impact on the story. Too bad for our graphic style, which would have deserved a little more variety.

And we can already put our finger on one of the first limitations of the game. Although visually attractive, Hammer95’s title, Mullet Madjack, quickly becomes predictable. It would have been interesting to make more use of the graphics to offer a more dynamic visual experience. In addition, although the game reserves some surprises in terms of gameplay, its storyline fails to surprise . Despite its assumed naughty aspect, it would have been wise to improve the narrative to generate more engagement. In the end, the Anime experience offered often remains static and textual . Fortunately, this is not the case with the gameplay.

Mullet Madjack is a unique hybrid between Fast FPS and Rogue-like . For the uninitiated, Rogue-like is a game mode where you must complete several randomly generated levels without interruption. Each level offers bonuses and penalties assigned randomly. In Mullet Madjack, you must eliminate enemies or consume energy drinks every 10 seconds to survive until the end of the level. This game therefore combines elements of Rogue-like, FPS and even Speed ​​Run, where running can be as effective as destroying. For fans of Fatality, melee eliminations reinforce the frenzy of the title , if you have the melee weapon. A very good point which already accentuates the nervous aspect of the runs.

You have a bonus to choose from at each level to help you in your quest. These bonuses can change your weapon, speed, health, etc. Some interesting bonuses allow you to add punchlines to heroes, like Duke Nukem, or slow down your opponents’ bullets like Matrix. The game offers several types of weapons: the pistol, a submachine gun, a shotgun (of course) and a katana. Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you to choose and define the best playing style that suits you . A system that is certainly classic but which still proves itself.

Although it is commendable to give the player the opportunity to play according to their own style, the katana weapon remains, in my opinion, far too powerful a weapon at present. A single hit, whether well placed or not, is enough to destroy any enemy, making any strategy obsolete. A rebalancing seems necessary in this regard.

You have two game modes: campaign mode and infinite mode. The campaign mode is divided into several chapters, each offering a unique variation such as acid, lava, new enemies, etc. Unfortunately, the campaign mode can be enjoyed a little too quickly . Despite this, there are still some memorable sequences that we let you discover.

Fortunately, infinite mode is there to generate as many different levels as you want. All game modes have a scoring system connected to the global score to challenge all moderators around the world.

Despite the variation in levels, all take place in corridors, which can create a feeling of redundancy . The sometimes cramped terrain can also be destabilizing when faced with several enemies. We often end up running in the wrong direction or shooting in all directions without really understanding what we have destroyed… Too bad.

The Positive

  • The fantastic Retro Anime design
  • Lots of Bonus variations to diversify your games
  • Online scoring
  • Good feeling of adrenaline

The Negative

  • Way too similar level styles
  • A weak bestiary, which looks the same
  • A bit short


In conclusion, Mullet Madjack offers a unique gaming experience, skillfully mixing Rogue Like and Fast FPS in a retro and offbeat universe. Its original and crazy storyline, although predictable, helps to create an immersive and nostalgic atmosphere. The sublime retro Anime design and variety of content offers a dynamic and lively experience. However, a few points could be improved, particularly regarding level diversity and weapon balancing. Despite these small imperfections, Mullet Madjack remains an entertaining and captivating gaming experience. It will appeal to fans of retro-gaming and Speed ​​Run, while offering enough challenges to keep the most experienced players interested. An experience not to be missed for fans of original and offbeat games.


[Review] Mullet Madjack: A crazy trip between the Past and the Future [EN]

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