[Guide] The Devil in Me: How To Save Everyone and have the best ending? [EN]

We trace in this article all the trajectories to save the life of the characters. Keep in mind that it is essential to complete the QTEs, maintain your relationships and remain discreet during the infiltration phases to succeed. Scrupulously search the island to reveal the identity of the killer and Mr. Du’Met . We will not cover all the possibilities, this solution is not exhaustive and focuses on the choices made during our game. Beware of spoilers.


How to save Erin?

Erin is the sound engineer of the team, she weaves a bond with Jamie during the adventure. His fate is linked to that of Kate.

  • In the Blackout scene, when Erin is locked up, take the inhaler for Erin to survive
  • In the Silver Ash Institute, hide Erin in the closet for Erin to survive
  • In the Breathless scene, choose to kill Kate to save Erin. Kate will be saved by Mark by breaking the window. 

How to save Charlie?

Charlie is the leader of the team. His fate is up to him alone.

  • In the Incinerator, raise the grate twice for Charlie to survive

How to save Jamie?

Jamie is the little rebel of the team. She takes care of the light. She weaves a bond with Erin over the course of the adventure and is Kate’s rival. His fate is linked to that of Kate.

  • In the Director’s Suite scene, Jamie must be equipped with his screwdriver. You must sacrifice Jamie in the trap for her to survive.
  • In the Chase scene, Kate must save Jamie from the clutches of the killer.
  • In the Homestead scene, Jamie has to ask Kate to hide to save herself and the dog.

Comment sauver Connie (le chien) ?

Connie is an abandoned dog from the island. If you make the right choices with Jamie, she can also become the sixth heroine of the adventure.

  • In the Homestead scene Jamie and Kate must be alive. Jamie has to ask Kate to hide and not kill the dog.

How to save Mark?

Mark is the cameraman, he had an old relationship with Kate. His fate is linked to that of Kate.

  • In the Lake scene, Mark must attempt to pick up the gun to survive.
  • In the final scene, Kate must save Mark on the boat for him to survive.

How to save Kate?

Kate is the show’s presenter and main heroine. She had a former relationship with Mark and is a rival with Jamie. His fate is linked to Mark and Jamie.

  • In the Director’s Suite scene, Kate must be in possession of the screwdriver to survive or trap or turn the trap against Jamie.

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