[Guide] Madison : Trophies and achievements

Our guide lists all trophies and achievements in the Madison game. Madison is a first-person psychological horror game on PC and consoles. Connect the world of humans to the beyond, thanks to your camera. With his help and through exploration, solve puzzles and try to survive.

All Madison Trophies and achievements

  • Mad Son : Unlock every achievement of the game.
  • Extra pockets : Store an item for the very first time.
  • Fully loaded : Reach Luca’s storage limit.
  • You shouldn’t have listened : Play the « Do not listen » tape.
  • Welcome back : Get back to the main house for the first time.
  • Welcome back, once again : Get back to the main house a second time.
  • You know what to do : Find a collectible.
  • Red : Find every red collectible.
  • Blue : Find every blue collectible.
  • Professional photographer : Find every collectible in the game.
  • He is here : Let Hans kill you.
  • Grandma was right : Let Blue Knees kill you.
  • Say cheese! : Take 50 photos.
  • No more smiles, please : Take 100 photos.
  • 500X Zoom : Take 500 photos
  • Elizabeth’s memoirs : Find Elizabeth’s diary lost page.
  • No time to die : Survive through the entire Cathedral section.
  • Hunger : Survive through the entire Blue Knees section
  • Blinded : Blind Blue Knees five times.
  • Blue Knees? : Find the hidden message on the mirror
  • You… : Complete the mausoleum section under 5 minutes.
  • Found it! : Complete the shelves section under 5 minutes.
  • Follow me : Complete the tunnels section under 3 minutes.
  • Grandpa’s tools : Break the shovel.
  • BLOODIOUS : Make the four virgins cry.
  • The nightmare is over : Complete the game.
  • Do not waste : Complete the game taking 75 or fewer pictures.
  • Out of film : Complete the game taking 40 or fewer pictures.
  • The struggle within : Finish the game under 2.5 hrs.
  • 666 : Finish the game under 6 hrs.
  • Lived to tell the tale : Complete the game in hard mode or higher

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