[Guide] Hitman 3 : Carpathian Mountains, Romania – All Challenges

Hitman 3 is an action-adventure, infiltration video game developed and published by IO Interactive, released January 20, 2021 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series. The game is also playable on Stadia and Nintendo Switch via cloud gaming.

Assassination challenges

Straight Shot : Eliminate the Constant with a headshot
Losing Everything : Eliminate the Constant by injecting the syringe at the end of the train


Shortcut – Passenger Car Door : Unlock the passenger car door through its outside window.
I’m the Conductor Now : Disguise yourself as Chief of Orders. There is a wagon before the offices.
Heavy Duty : Disguise yourself as a commando. It sits before the wagons of office workers
47, Ph.D : Disguise yourself as a scientist, they are in the wake-up car
Mall Cop : Disguise yourself as a security guard. It is at the start of the level
Spray and Slay : Find a submachine gun (SMG). You can steal it from agents or find it in weapon stashes (containers, crates).
Chameleon : Find and use all disguises in the Carpathians
You’ve Got Some Skills : Disguise yourself as an elite guard. It is in the cars in the middle of the level.
Forbidden Pineapple : Find a frag grenade. You will find them in wooden weapon crates. You can open them with a crowbar
Got My Boomstick : Find a shotgun. Steal it from soldiers or find it in weapon stashes (containers, tables).
Shortcut – Container Door : Unlock the container door at the front. You need the valve that is just a car above to open it.


Snow Angel : Kick a guard off the train by pushing him from behind
The Gun Muffler : Make a silencer in the workshop
Exhibition Shooting : Pull over the railway signaling. It is on the roofs of the wagons
Soda Slinger : Hit 3 guards with soda cans.
Button Masher : Unlock the numeric keypad at the start of the level. The code is on poster 1979
A New Father : Take the syringe at the end of the level. Wait with in front of the target. The Constant offers you to inject it. Inject the syringe on yourself and enjoy a pretty easter-egg.


Eliminate the Constant with a weapon and not the syringe.

The Classics

To succeed in the silent assassination. Do not change your costume, use the windows of the wagons to the maximum to avoid fighting. Rusty nails allow you to unlock access to some cars. At the head of the train, use flash grenades and fuses while overloading the lights to stun the armed guards. In offices, puncture water tanks to clear your way.

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