[Guide] Deathloop: How to get the HALPS Prototype weapon

Deathloop is back in 2022 with the Goldenloop update also available on PC and Xbox. This novelty brings to the main endings two extended cinematics and also a weapon. This new weapon is the HALPS prototype. An extremely powerful weapon that atomizes your enemies with laser beams. You’re probably wondering how to get your hands on it, follow the guide to get the HALPS weapon prototype.

To carry out this mission, make sure you have the power of Reprise which gives you an extra life. Head to the Complex in the morning, noon or afternoon. Go to Wenjie’s laboratory and more specifically to the green-colored laboratory annex. Inside you will find the weapon which is sealed in a case.

To destroy the case, you must first be locked on as a target by the second lens. The lens tells you that you are locked with its red light. You must sacrifice your life to destroy the case. To do this, position yourself in front of the HALPS prototype weapon and activate the two levers. The weapon’s laser shoots at you and destroys the case at the same time.

Back with the power of Reprise. Use the hackamajig to hack the lenses so they don’t lock you out anymore. Deactivate the laser by raising the two levers and recover the weapon. You are now in possession of the Prototype HALPS weapon. To preserve it exit the level with the weapon and infuse it for 9000 Residuum.

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