[Walkthrough] Alan Wake 2 : Night Springs [EN]

Discover our complete guide to the Alan Wake 2 Zone X DLC walkthrough. Our solution will take you through the entire game, with tips for solving puzzles and defeating enemies. Walk through our detailed step-by-step walkthrough with pictures to help you solve each puzzle.


Episode 1 : Number One Fan

At the start of the episode, head to the Diner room to get your first task: serving customers . It is possible that a bug is triggered and you are not given any tasks, in this case, restart the episode. If all goes well, collect the coffee from the counter to serve all the customers. Then place the coffee maker at the counter to collect dirty dishes from customers.

Place the dishes on the serving hatch so that a customer asks you for a reading recommendation . Head down the hallway to open the storage room. Interact with the pink book to trigger an event. Don’t waste a second and head to the room behind the kitchens to collect your equipment . Then follow the path towards the shipyard .

Meet Mr. Scratch to start a fight. Then follow the flame trail to meet the evil twin again upstairs. Then go out to the water’s edge to talk to him. Survive the attack and follow the flaming trail once again to reach the mansion.

The duel against the rebel has arrived, unload your shotgun ammo on him to finish the fight . Then, head upstairs to the mansion to find the writer and end the episode.

Episode 2 : North Star

In the shoes of Jessy Faden, you find yourself facing the entrance to Coffee World park, in front of a closed gate. To enter the park, inspect the ticket booth to find a document. One of the numbers on the document, 238 , is highlighted. Use this code on the grid’s numeric keypad to unlock it.

Inside the park, you are unarmed. Do not venture into dangerous paths with shadows. Follow the cleared paths to reach Sheriff Breaker under a shelter . Talk to him to get the flashlight and a weapon.

Follow the entity to find a wall of darkness surrounding a warehouse. Use your flashlight to break the wall and gain access to the entrance. Be careful of the shadows that attack you. Use your weapon to neutralize them. Once done, interact with the box to try to enter . The voice behind you will challenge you to come up with a password.

Head to Sheriff Breaker to inform him of your progress. Collect the key and go to the park wheel located to the east . At the foot of the attraction, use the key to lower gondola number 4 . Interact with her to collect the video tape.

Head to the Welcome Center to use the cassette with the video player . You will find the password there. Use this password on the warehouse box to proceed to the next puzzle.

Then go to the roasting bar to solve the new puzzle. You can inspect the three posters to gather some clues about the requested number. Using all the elements at your disposal, you get the number 487 . Use this code on the nearby keypad to confirm the code. Then return to the warehouse case to solve a final puzzle.

You have to drink the coffee. Head to the Tasting Room to find a cup of coffee. Then return to the warehouse to drop off your weapons and go inside.

In the warehouse, search the entrance to find an Office Key in a toolbox. Sneak towards the office without being seen to escape the cup of coffee. Go deep into the warehouse to finish the episode.

Episode 3 : Time Breaker

In this final episode, talk to Sam Lake himself on the TV set. Then go to your dressing room to collect the accessory near a corpse.

In the forest, follow the path to reach a mobile home . Interact with the television , then exit the mobile home to get a new direction. Retrace your steps and take the west path at the fork to reach the stream. Collect the light source and return to the mobile home . Interact with the TV to change location.

In the hotel, go to reception to neutralize the shadows. Then examine the clocks above the corridors to enter the corridor indicating the time of 00:00 . You will find a different welcome with a TV . You’re missing more than just the light source

To do this follow the corridor from 3:00 then from 9:00 to find the light source. Return to the reception at 00:00 to use the television and exit the hotel. If you missed an item follow the following order to find them and exit 00:00, 3:00 and 9:00.

After the comic-style cutscene, complete the mini-game by eliminating the enemies . Collect the light source in the next level and interact with the television in the distance to switch to the storytelling game . Choose your path to conclude the episode.

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