[Guide] Cyberpunk 2077 : How to increase DPS weapon

Cyberpunk 2077 is a role-playing game, and like any role-playing game the weapons are a big part. The main adventure can be completed without much improvement, but the side activities cannot. Finding the best weapons and equipment to become a Night City Legend is more than recommended. Especially if you plan to complete the game with the secret ending. We explain in our article how to improve your weapons.

To upgrade your weapon, we recommend that you first get legendary weapons. You can find the list of legendary pieces in our article. Once in your possession, you will see once selected that several mod slots are available to modify your characteristics. You must install the Epic Cracker mod on all mod slots. If you install the modules on all your legendary pieces, you will destroy all your opponents in a few bullets.

cyberpunk 2077 How to increase DPS weapon guide soluce

To find the Crunch module head to the 2nd Amendment weapons store in the Little China neighborhood in Watson near V’s apartment (fast travel: Megabuilding H10).

cyberpunk 2077 How to increase DPS weapon guide soluce

You will find the Crunch manufacturing plan at the vendor.

cyberpunk 2077 How to increase DPS weapon guide soluce

Good, there you are in possession of the manufacturing plan. Assign crafting benefit points to the following abilities: Mechanic, True Craftsman and Ex Nihilo

You can, from the crafting menu, design the Crunch module. Do this a number of times with the crafting components required to obtain Epic Crunch mods. Equip the modules on your legendary pieces to get a high level of DPS.

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