[Guide] Cyberpunk 2077 : All best weapons

Cyberpunk 2077 is a First-Person Action RPG video game developed by CD Projekt RED, based on the Cyberpunk 2020 tabletop RPG series designed by Mike Pondsmith.

We recommend that you read this article after reaching the main mission behind the game. Our article has a lot of spoilers on the story.


Skippy is perhaps the coolest and most powerful weapon in Cyberpunk 2077. Plus, it’s accessible when you arrive in Night City after the mission: The Heist. The Skippy weapon has a fun AI that interacts with you. It automatically adapts its capabilities to your level. To make the most of Skippy’s abilities arm the AI ​​in lethal mode. This will automatically target the heads of your enemies unlike the non-lethal mode which will only target the legs. You will find Skippy when starting his side quest.

Golden Baseball Bat

To get the gold plated bat, you must have completed the Second Conflict side quest by Johnny Silverhands. In this mission, you will have the choice between Henry and Denny. When you have chosen Denny sends his baseball bat in the pool. You can then recover it in the cement. If, however, you forgot to collect it, you can always take it when you return to the pool. Currently the bat is still floating in the pool. But it is possible that a patch will come to correct this bug in the future.

Katana Legendary

You can collect the Legendary Katana from a Cyberpsycho during the Contract Mission: The Ghost of NightCity. This is located to the southwest of your apartment. The target requires a high level. But if you have a quick bladed weapon, you can quickly knock him out as soon as he appears.

Mantis Blades Legendary

Still during the same Cyberpsycho contract mission: The Ghost of NightCity. You will find a crate not far from the first corpses of your target. Open the crate to get equipment and the Mantis. You can equip the weapon at Viktor’s.


guide soluce cyberpunk 2077 arme weapon meilleur best location emplacement crash

Crash is an effective gun. You can get it by completing all side quests in River Ward. If you haven’t gotten close to River yet, complete the mayoral candidate Perales missions.

DR12 Quasar legendary

To get this weapon you will need to complete Johnny Silverhand’s side mission: Second Conflict. During your trip to Totentanz to save Nancy you can recover the weapon from the bodies of the members of the Maelstrom gang.


Head for the quick trip from Charter Street to the Kabuki district. Continue southwest to find a pharmacy. You will find near it a parking lot. Go into the parking lot to find the weapon in a crate stored behind a gate.

Plan B (Dex Weapon)

If you have followed the story correctly. Dex ends his old days in the landfill. You can find his body to get his weapon. To return to the landfill take the fast trip: Medeski gas station. Continue south to find a waste pile with Dex’s body. You can retrieve his weapon from his body.

Divided We Stand

Head to the Studium Love secondary mission. The side mission is to win a shooting challenge under the influence of alcohol. If you finish first, you will get the weapon. However, if you are a bug victim like me, you can steal the weapon near members of Six Street without doing the side mission.

Malorian Arms 3516

guide soluce cyberpunk 2077 arme weapon meilleur best location emplacement malorian arms 3516

To get Johnny Silverhand’s weapon, you need to complete Rogue’s first side mission. You will get Johnny’s weapon as well as his car.


guide soluce cyberpunk 2077 arme weapon meilleur best location emplacement overwatch

The Overwatch is Panam’s sniper rifle. To obtain it you will have to complete the side missions of Panam which will offer it to you.


To get this weapon, complete the quest « Beat on the Brat: Arroyo, Fighting in Arroyo ». The mission is located in Santo Domingo, near the « Megabuilding h4 » fast travel point. Once there, start a discussion. Choose the option « Nice rifle » and « 12000 €$ bet your sniper rifle ». Win the fight and fight against the fighter’s guards. You can then retrieve the weapon from the table where you initiated the dialogue at the beginning.


To obtain this weapon, you must complete the quest « Sacrum Profanum, Lose My Religion ». It is north of Watson near the « Quays » fast travel point. You have to go see a monk who will ask you to go save his brother. Follow the mission and when you rescue his brother you find the weapon to the left of the character on the table with a blue neon.

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