[Guide] Call of Duty Warzone: How to get Top 1 in Resurgence? [EN]

Diving into the competitive world of Call of Duty: Warzone on Mobile or console can be both exhilarating and frustrating. Whether you’re a novice looking to improve your skills or an experienced player looking for advanced tips, this article is for you. Discover a series of strategies and techniques to maximize your chances of victory. Prepare to face your opponents with confidence and determination, because victory awaits only those who are ready to seize it.


Before Deployment

We’ve all tried to jump into a game of Warzone, looking to face as many opponents as possible like we saw on YouTube. However, after failure after failure, it has become obvious that rushing headlong and continuing confrontations is not the solution. To succeed in Call of Duty, whether in Warzone mode or otherwise, there is one crucial element: knowing the map . Take the time to deploy regularly to familiarize yourself with the map and discover all its details. Locate the paths and ladders scattered across the map to better prepare for your battles.

Once you have the map in mind, let’s get down to business. Call of Duty skins can be beautiful or hideous depending on individual tastes, but on the battlefield, skill is not enough. If you want to maximize your chances and especially if you are a beginner, it is important to remain discreet. Many players are opting for the Noir skin known from The Boys, and they are right. Discretion is essential . Dark colors attract less attention and allow you to act more calmly than with multi-colored skin.

Now that we are well dressed, all we have to do is equip ourselves. Call of Duty: Warzone evolves from season to season. One weapon can become stronger than another and some can even become very popular. This is called “meta”. If you’re not aware of the current meta, you can check out sites like WZ Ranked to see what classes top streamers are using. If you prefer to rely on the numbers, you can use the WZ Stats site to identify the most used weapons and accessories of the moment. The most effective still remains the weapons with which you are most comfortable. You are now equipped with the best weapons in Warzone, all you need is the perks.

In Rebirth mode, favor the following perks: Mountaineer, Sleight of hand, Tempered and Maximum Alert . These perks allow you to land at longer distances, reload your weapons and armor more quickly, and gain intel on who is targeting you.

The big jump

The serious things begin. You know the map, you normally know where to go. When descending from the sky, do it quickly , very quickly, to land near your position and increase your chances of getting more loot while deterring opponents who might still be in the air .Disable automatic parachute deployment in the options to do this If possible, choose a covered area to avoid being targeted from outside.

You know the places, you normally know where to go to get what you need. Once on the ground, avoid combat if possible and instead focus on finding nearby crates for shields and weapons . Try to find an assault weapon and a SMG if possible, to be ready for all types of combat. Use your weapons to dislodge intruders and search your area safely.

Try to stock up on shields, a gas mask and at least one strike to dislodge enemies up high. Wait a minute you don’t know how to fight? Don’t panic, let’s start with the basics


The art of combat

In any FPS worthy of the name, the key to victory lies in precision : aim for the head to maximize your chances of eliminating your opponents. Use a optic if you feel the need or an infrared optic to help you . Practice in Plunder or Blocus mode if you feel the need to improve your aim.

Equip yourself with a headset to better hear and locate your enemies , especially when you don’t have them in sight. Currently the best audio setting is “soundbar ”. Each surface emits a distinct sound that you can use to identify enemy movement, such as the sound of concrete for the road or the sound of grass for the lawn. Anticipate enemy movements to surprise them at the end of their trajectory. Aim at the door or window they are about to go through, go around them, quickly go from behind, etc.

Constantly use your surroundings as cover , taking partial or full cover to protect yourself from enemy bullets. By staying nearby, you will always have shelter close at hand. Duck or lie down against the barriers, with the steps of the stairs if necessary, and use the sound to pop up ! Try the “head glitch” technique by aligning the sights of your weapon with the top of your cover. This will only leave the top of your head sticking out, making you less vulnerable to enemy fire. Also use ping to locate and track your opponents’ movements at all times.

Attack them from the side to force them to move and reach you, and choose the appropriate weapons based on distance to deal maximum damage, such as an SMG in close combat or an assault rifle at long range. Always favor high ground before a fight to make your headshots easier and surprise your opponents.

In combat, act quickly and move to avoid remaining static . Use the jump to dodge headshots and the prone position to escape the sight of your enemies. In case of difficulty or excess, quickly eliminate the enemies and take cover to recover . Make sure to always prioritize your health before combat , using your assets or a medical vest to escape and return to combat quickly.

Move quickly by sliding , especially when moving from one room to another. Search every corner of a room when you go inside, there are always small campers lurking in the shadows.

Pay constant attention to your mini-map . Use a square display in settings to expand your field of vision. The map is your main ally for spotting enemies who are shooting nearby. After eliminating an enemy, always keep an eye on the mini-map to gather information. Take advantage of the ongoing battles to bring back your strawberry and finish off the wounded enemies. Shoot enemies in flight when you can to eliminate them from the game for good

Now you’re ready to get into action. To optimize your experience, we suggest adjusting your controller sensitivity to a fast level (6) to amplify your movements . Activate automatic sprint to gain speed. We also recommend configuring aim assist (aim-assist) on Black-Ops. Consider reducing the graphics options as much as possible to streamline your game and maximize frames per second (FPS). Use a reasonable FOV like 105 to give you a wide angle.

The strategy

Now that we are armed and know how to defend ourselves, we will have to plan our victory. Try to raise enough money to fulfill your first objective: getting your loadout . Preferably leave your free loadout for later if needed. Use target missions or magnifying glass missions to quickly achieve this first objective. Second objective: we buy or find a mask and drones (portable or not) to identify our area and a strike if the need arises to dislodge the enemies at height.

Use the drone to ensure the safety of the surroundings , then take action. Quickly head to the center of the area as soon as you reach area 2 . Avoid unnecessary fights and position yourself near the center to survive the next area . Try to stay out of the gas limit as much as possible. There are always stragglers and cunning players waiting. These areas are unpredictable, and anything can happen.

When the area changes, head to the next area while always trying to maintain height and secure the area. Repeat these moves until the end of the game. Delay your movements to the center at the end of the game . Seeking combat at all costs can be suicidal, especially at the end of games. If you are hungry for battle, enemies will come sooner or later. Keep an eye on the number of enemies remaining to constantly assess the threat in the surrounding area.

In case of death

In the redeployment, keep calm, you will have the opportunity to make up for it. Quickly find a position in the sky to assess the situation by consulting the mini-map and observing your surroundings . Then quickly descend to an area that seems safe.

Always remain cautious and listen carefully once on the ground to locate enemy positions. If the coast is clear, start your strategy by collecting weapons, money, a loadout, a mask and above all a revive . A revive and a mask can make all the difference in the final circle and increase your chances of victory. Keep in mind that you will not be able to recover in the gas without a mask .

If you’re having trouble collecting your own loadout, consider eliminating other players to steal theirs . This is always preferable to relying on ground weapons.

As a team

Team strategy remains mostly the same as solo, except that one element is essential to your success: communication. Team-based Call of Duty Warzone is a cooperative game. And who says cooperation says communication. To extend the game vision to the rest of your team, you must communicate.

Whether through your microphone or through pings, you must constantly inform your team members to share your information and coordinate your actions. Separate tasks by trying to stay close: when one engages, the other can support him by going around the enemy or covering a different angle.

Always favor attack if your number is higher than that of the opposing team. Otherwise, keep your distance until a member of the opposing team is eliminated or weakened . Every advantage must be exploited. Always stay close to avoid being isolated.

In case of problems, use smoke bombs to protect allies and yourself , and to disrupt enemy vision.

For further

You have tried everything and yet your lobbies remain catastrophic. You can try the method many streamers use by using a VPN . Thanks to it, you will be able to change your location and try to break the SBMM in place to find opponents less competitive than your statistics.

SBMM is a matchmaking technique that matches you with players of your level and based on your connection. By using a VPN, you can be matched with players whose stats are less equivalent to yours.

However, keep in mind that this technique does not work every time and can affect your latency, which can cause you to lose fights that you could have won in lobbies in your location. This method requires the use of third-party applications and may require additional equipment if you are on console, which is not accessible to everyone.

On console, use a 120Hz display to increase frames per second on PS5 and Xbox . If possible, use an Ethernet cable to get a connection less than 50 ms.

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