[Full Walkthrough] Oxide Room 104 – Guide

Complete walkthrough of Oxide Room 104. The game has several endings. To get the best ending in the game, you must not lose any lives in the motel. Note that for exploration, the bathroom keys and hook are interchangeable between rooms. Their locations are random and subject to change depending on the game. kept searching each drawer to find some, they can be essential to move forward. Complete all rooms in the motel is not necessary to have the best ending.

Walkthrough of all rooms

Room 104

You wake up in a bathroom in room 104 as Matt. Analyze the letters on the door, they define the number of lives you have left. Be sure to preserve them by following our guide.

Against the wall is a chest of drawers. Warning, don’t try to open the middle drawer without the key. This action causes the loss of life and consequently the best end. Open the first drawer to find a code on the left. Remember code 373. Open the cupboard above the sink to find a box. Use the code to open the box and find a key inside. Use the key to open the middle drawer of the dresser to find your clothes inside. A key is in your clothes, use the key to exit the bathroom.

Once in the living room, get the flashlight on a bedside table but do not touch anything else at the risk of being injured. Go into the kitchen to retrieve a kettle on the stove. Return to the bathroom and turn on the faucet to run water into the sink. Match the kettle with the water to fill it.

Go to the kitchen and turn on the thermostat to turn on the stove. Place the kettle on the fire to heat the water. Take the kettle back once hot and use it against the bug on the kitchen table. Take the key from the plate to exit the room.

Storage room

Once out of room 104 a Quick-Time-Event is triggered. Follow the instructions on the screen to pass safely through the shed. In the storage room, retrieve the gun from the shelf and the bullets to defend yourself. Be aware that Oxide: Room 104 can be completed without using a single bullet and several alternative paths are available to you. Take the key to room « 111 » on the skull hanging on the right wall and the map to open the door and exit. You can continue by going to room 111 or room 109.

Room 111

Go to room 111 on the west ground floor of the motel. Inside this room, three pots are arranged on the kitchen dining table. It is possible to encounter an enemy in this room, you can dodge it with stealth or kill it with your pistol. Move towards the table and bend down to discover symbols. The round symbol shows you the location of the key. Do not open the other two jars at the risk of injury. You get the key to room 103. Leave the room.

Room 103

Go to room 103 on the east ground floor of the motel. In this room, grab a bag from the seat in the center of the room to get more storage for your inventory. Search the drawers in the room to get a bathroom key. Its location may vary depending on the game. Once you have the key, enter the bathroom. Take the rubber ducky from the bathtub and examine the object underneath to discover the word « J-O-B ». Return to the bedroom and search the drawers to find three wooden blocks with the letters J, O, and B. Once in your possession, place the three blocks in the following order J-O-B on the bucket near the cradle. You get the key to room 202 which appears in the cradle. Take the key and exit the room.

Room 202

Meet in room 202 east of the motel on the first floor. You have to take the stairs in the courtyard to get there. Warning, this part is flammable, be careful not to fire your gun so as not to explode all the gas canisters. To advance in the room it is essential to have in your possession a bathroom key. If you don’t have a key, switch to the Room 210 solution to find one. In room 202, if there are enemies, discreetly dodge them to make your way to the bathroom. Open the bathroom door and take the hatch against the wall above the bathtub to discover room 203. In the kitchen, you can find life on a shelf.

Room 203

In room 203, you must retrieve matches from the last drawer of the small chest of drawers in the corner of the room. Use stealth moves if enemies appear in the room. Go to the kitchen part to find a gas can under the sink. Use the gasoline can on the organic brambles to soak them in gasoline. Then use the lighter to set the fire and gain access to the ladder. Climb the ladder to reach the second floor of the motel in room 303.

Room 303

To exit room 303, pick up the key from a block on the table in the living room. Go to the bathroom and turn on the bathtub faucet to run the water. Throw the key into a block inside the basin. Search the room to find a can of nail polish remover. It can be under the kitchen sink or under the living room table. Dump the solvent into the tub to melt the block and release the key. To retrieve the key from the bath, use a blacksmith tool you find in the kitchen on a wooden seat. Before leaving the room, collect one of the two room keys 301 or 305 to continue. We recommend that you take the 305 key which does not contain any enemies in its room.

Room 305

If you have opted for room 305 here is its progress. In the living room, get the violin in its case on the bed. Use the violin in the arms of the dummy standing near the piano. Search the drawers in the room for a bathroom key. Its location may vary depending on your game. In possession of a bathroom key, open the bathroom and retrieve a sheet music in a wooden box placed on the chest of drawers opposite the bath. Place the sheet music on the music stand near the piano. Go behind the dummy sitting on the seat of the piano and push it so that music starts. A metal key appears, above the piano keys. You can go to the reception to complete the game or continue exploring the motel.

Room 210

Room 210 is an alternate path to access room 203. You can access the room as soon as you reach the courtyard. To open room 210 retrieve a hook on a barrel in front of the shed. The hook may be on a table near the pool. Once in your possession go to the pool to find a red cross. Position yourself at the indicated place and use the hook to take the key from the pool. Open the door to room 210. Inside go to the kitchen area to find the key to room 109 in one of the drawers. Run to the exit to avoid being caught by the monster that has just appeared.

Room 109

In room 109, go to the living room to find a brick placed on a barrel. Use the brick on the bar cabinet next to it to open it. Watch out, a monster appears. Get rid of the monster to continue. Collect a box inside the bar cabinet. Go to the bedroom entrance to push a clock against the wall. Activate the lever behind to feed the coin. Turn the wheel on the game table to reveal the number: 11,21,34. Use these numbers on the picked-up box to get a key to room 209.

Room 209

In room 209 a monster swallows his meal. Be careful not to get hit by its projectiles. Recover while running the double of the keys of room 203 on the table on the left.

Room 301

Enter the bedroom and use a bathroom key to unlock the bathroom. Inside is an enemy, eliminate it. Inside you will find a bolt cutter to break the chain of the grid leading to the reception.

Room 101

To enter room 101, take the shovel in the outer courtyard hallway across from the shed. Go to the foot of the inner space stairs to the east to dig. You will get key 101.

Inside room 101, go to the bathroom to retrieve an emblem from the bathroom cabinet.

Use the emblem on the wolf book in the kitchen to get key 206.

Room 206

To enter room 206, you will need the key found in room 101 and a gas mask. Go to the back of the second floor landing to find a gas mask in a tub. Enter room 206 to find key 108 on a tomb. Do not open the bathroom at the risk of a confrontation with a monster.

Room 108

In room 108, inscriptions on the wall tell you all the samples not to be taken. In our part the numbers 15, 87 and 62 are listed. Take the remaining sample either in our part 96 to open the armored door. Be careful, a monster can hide inside. Get rid of the monster and collect key 203 from the bin.

La réception

On the motel landing near room 305, use the key on the padlock on the gate to get through. Join Eva by entering the sliding door. Be careful, an enemy is below the stairs. Crouch down and quietly descend the stairs to the ground floor of the reception. If you didn’t lose a life, the reception is supposed to be empty and access to the front door should be fine. If not, you can use your gun to clear the way. If you have lost no life or only one life, Eva appears in front of the front door and a monster blocks the entrance. Otherwise, or the door is clear, you’ve lost too many lives and you get access to a bad ending.

In the event of a good ending. You must follow Eva into the bar to find a way out. Get a lighter from the fireplace, a bottle from a table and a piece of cloth from a cardboard box. Combine the three items in your inventory to create a Molotov cocktail. Use the cocktail on the rooted door to free it. Keep moving forward to trigger a QTE. Matt finds himself in a conduit.

Move forward in the conduit while following the instructions on the screen to avoid falling. Matt wakes up from his nightmare. If you didn’t lose any lives, you’ll have the chance to explore the area and learn more about your captor and his goal. Go through the corridor and go under the obstacle to trigger a cutscene. Matt finds himself stuck in the elevator. Press the button on the right against the wall to get out safe and sound.

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  • Hi
    can you help how to handle the gun. I can not find out how to get the gun fast and shoot and reload fast (which steering component does what)?

    I played 6 hours and did not find out (probably I am stupid) – it is very frustrating.

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    • chris, i’m playing on xbox and the holding the left trigger selects and aims the gun, the right trigger fires it, and the A button reloads it

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