[Guide] The Chant : Complete Walkthrough and Tips [EN]

Walkthrough The Chant, guide to all chapters. Find all the locations of the keys and the path. Available on PS5, PC and Xbox Series.


Chapter 1

The adventure start with a chase. Flee into the forest by taking the free paths. Reach the shore to trigger a cutscene.

A few years later, you are back on the island. Experience the path with your host Kim. At the top, complete the tutorial. To post your letter, simply follow the nearby sign to find the box. Then follow Kim again to get to the retreat. After the introductions, head back to the pontoon and enter the cabin to find the first member of the group: Maya. She gives you a first mission for later.

Let’s finish finding all the members first. Go to the white bubble near the dome to find Hannah and Tyler. Then return to Kim towards the tents east of the dome. You will find a staircase on the right. Climb up and enter inside the office to meet Sonny. He entrusts you with a second mission concerning a presentation room.

Let’s go to the missions. The presentation room is on the left after the dome bridge. Go inside and listen to Sonny’s presentation on the projector. For the second mission, return near the bridge to find a paddle behind the dome. You will find Maya’s ingredients on the trail.

Take the ingredients back to Maya and talk to Kim near the tents to finish the first day. In the evening the serious things begin.

Chapter 2

You set off in pursuit of Kim. Enter the shed near the tents. On the other side, operate the power box to light up the tunnel. Go inside the tunnel to meet Angie. Slalom between the corpses to pass and trigger a cutscene.

Arrive at the cannery, you will find Tyler who kindly entrusts you with the responsibility of rescuing Kim. Go forward and open the door with a sign. Inside, release the door and arm yourself with a sage stick.

Attack the mandaheart with your stick and dodge its attacks to avoid being hit. Once eliminated, pick up the fuse in the cupboard.

An enemy appears, use the dodge button with each of his attacks and follow up with blows to eliminate him. Return to the pontoon to insert the fuse into a box. Continue to the end of the pontoon to find traces of blood. Follow the tracks to reach a ladder leading to the attic above Kim. Go to the back of the attic to find a metal piece behind a passage. Use your stasis for enemies to freeze them and avoid combat.

Go down the ladder and go through the double doors to find a second metal piece. Get out right at the bottom of the pontoon to find a chest in a toolbox. Go to the hut near the water in front of Kim’s building to use the key. A last metal piece awaits you on a boat.

Combine metal parts together in your inventory. Go back to the double doors to find a sealed door behind. Use the Cannery Padlock key to open the Cannery. Break the mandaheart behind to eliminate all enemies at once. Then enter the door to begin the purification ritual.

Chapter 3

To purify Kim, first move towards one of the candles. Wait for Kim to attack to dodge and reverse your places. Then attack Kim against the candle to immobilize her. When the sign glows, interact with Kim to hit her with a candle. Repeat the technique on the other candles and the mirror to finish the fight.

You must now take care of Sonny. Return to the office near the dome tents to find it. After the cutscene, the scoundrel escapes. Pursue it in retirement. Follow the mine sign if you lose it. Once at the top, enter and go through the double doors to cross a stable.

On the other side, follow the mine sign to find a wooden cabin. Go inside to find a projector and a reel. Exit from behind outside to join the gloom. After you sneak through a narrow passage, you’ll find a sealed door. We will open this door later. Go right to find a new path to gloom. At the end of it, there is a new cabin. Eliminate the enemies and enter the cabin to find a metal part. Exit the cabin and go behind the wood logs in the gloom to face a mandaheart. Eliminate it first to destroy nearby enemies.

After the fight, collect the heart-shaped key from the skeleton. Watch out, Angie is back. Go back to the first cabin with the projector. Outside you will find a locked door to unlock with the key. Get inside to find a new metal part. Go to the sealed door previously encountered and combine the metal two-pieces to open access to the mines.

Run to the mines before Angie catches you. You can avoid or face the enemies on the way. Go through the tunnels to reach Sonny. After the cutscene, activate the power box in front of you. Then get a fuse from the workbench that just ignited. Follow the light to find a second box and power it with the fuse.

Explore the path that has just become clear to find a new fuse at the bottom right. Be careful, toads are ambushing you. Get rid of them. Retrace your steps and follow the red wire from the power supply to find a third box. Power the third box with the fuse. Go through the tunnel to encounter a Giant Toad. The technique to defeat it does not change from other enemies. Attack and dodge to defeat them. Then pick up the fuse in the locker. Once again, go to the power box room and go upstairs. Power the last box where Sonny was. Then follow the railroad to find the mine camp.

Go to the camp to find Sonny. After the cutscene, enter a barn with a double door. Avoid or eliminate the enemy inside and exit outside to the backdoor. Follow Sonny again through the buildings. When Sonny escapes, a fight ensues. After the fight head to a passage to the left near the yellow barrier of gloom. Follow the blood trails inside to find Sonny. He still manages to get away with it and leaves you in a barn. Call the elevator and survive until it arrives. Speed ​​into the elevator to descend into the mine.

Below, follow the railroad to meet the Reaper. Go through the crack and search the locker in front to find a wick. Continue the path to find a passage under a wall towards gloom. Inside, pick up a detonator and flee through the passage to avoid the fight. insert the combined detonator with the wick into the hole in front of the passage.

Follow the reaper in the gloom. Reach the end eliminated Mandaheart to kill all enemies with one hit. Go deeper into the gloom to find Sonny and the Reaper.

A fight breaks out against the reaper. Lure the reaper to a shrine to preserve your sanity. The principle remains the same as all enemies encountered before. Attack the reaper when you have the opportunity and dodge its attacks to avoid damage. When she takes refuge with Sonny, eliminate her offspring to restart the fight. Repeat the technique to end the fight.

Retrace your steps back to camp. Explore the building surrounded by yellow gloom. Search the double doors to find a Mandaheart. Break it to eliminate nearby enemies. Retrieve the lever below a trophy.

Get out into the camp and follow the railroad to find a second house in the yellow gloom. Inside, destroy the mandaheart to pick up a cog. Go to the center of the camp and climb on the wind turbine to repair it with the lever and the cog. Pull the lever and head back down the unlocked path to retirement.

Chapter 4

At the beginning of the chapter, go to the kitchen located near the pontoon to find Maya. Follow her to the intersection. When your paths diverge, follow the sign towards the lighthouse. Use the key in your inventory to open the sealed door ahead.

Follow the path towards the lighthouse to reach an intersection. You will find a hut on the left side. Eliminate or avoid enemies to get inside. Go through the window to reach the outside. Toads await you on the trail. Avoid or fight them to pick up the metal piece on the rock. Take the path to the lighthouse to find a camp. Search the tents to find a second metal part. Then sink into the blue gloom.

Turn left at the sealed door to re-enter blue gloom. Follow the path to the geodome to find a door with a blue crystal. Go inside and pick up a third metal piece. Watch out, Angie is coming. Quickly go back to the sealed door with the metal parts combine to open it.

Move towards the lighthouse and go through the passage on the right to access it. Go inside to find Maya. Then climb to the top of the lighthouse to activate the lighthouse. Before going back down after the cutscene, take the key next to the ladder. At the bottom you will find the workshop door to unlock near the barricade.

Search a locker inside to find the Mercury. Then return to the lighthouse to reload the machine below the peak. Now is the time to redirect the rays. Let’s start with the first on the left above the mound. Watch out for enemies waiting for you. Once cleared direct the beam to the reflector below. Follow the beam to reach the reflector.

Enter the building below the reflector to find a tridonic key inside. Then climb the ladder to redirect the reflector to another. Move towards the radius to find a building to unlock. Climb to the roof using a ladder inside to redirect the reflector.

Follow the new ray to unlock a door. Behind the door is the reflector. Be careful, a lot of enemies are waiting for you. Get rid of the enemies and use the reflector to reach another reflector on a roof. Use the reflector beam to destroy enemies flying around. Then enter the building to climb the ladder and redirect the reflector. Go back down the building to find a passage in the toilets. Destroy the mandaheart inside and pick up the Yantra Key from the bedside table.

Retrace your steps to use the key to open the door in the building leading to the reflector outside. Use the reflector to free the next reflector from the flying beasts. Then use the reflector to power the headlight.

Join the workshop near the barricade to find a staircase on the left. Use the key to open the door. You come to a pool. Pass under a small passage to reach the reflector. Illuminate the reflector opposite and go join it. Use its beam to free the reflector downstairs in the destroyed house.

Join the destroy house. Destroy the mandaheart inside to illuminate the last reflector near the lighthouse. Use the last reflector to illuminate the lighthouse.

After Kim and Sonny, it’s Maya’s turn to have fallen into the hands of gloom. Use the same techniques as before to reach Maya. Hit and dodge. When Maya takes refuge at the lighthouse, use one of the reflectors to destroy the flying beasts. Then flee to avoid being impaled and hit Maya. Then start again with the second reflector to reach the last round and end the fight. Join the retreat to move on to the next chapter.

Chapter 5

At the start of the chapter, follow Hannah to talk to Tyler. After the dialogue, enter discreetly through the portal on the right. Once inside the bubble, pick up Tyler’s Red Prism from a bedside table. Join Hannah to flee. Follow Hannah to the intersection. Take the path to the spirit path to continue alone in the red gloom. Avoid enemies on the way to reach an arena.

In the arena, use the force of the colossus against the crystal barrier. Do not seek to destroy the beast, it is invincible. Once past the open barrier to take shelter. Move forward to reach a wooden cabin. Go through the window inside to continue. Go outside to join Hannah in front of a greenhouse. A green wall prevents you from continuing. Examining the greenhouse, you will find an irrigation system without a valve, let’s first look for it.

Go to the bottom of the greenhouse to find an entrance. Go inside to find the key to the farm. Return to Hannah for an alchemical recipe. Exit the greenhouse to find the entrance to the farm. Use the key to unlock the padlock. Continue to the bottom of the farm to enter the orange gloom. You will find at the end the valve in a cabin. Enter from behind to reach it.

Run away from the farm to avoid unnecessary fights. Return to the greenhouse and examine the alchemical recipe. Each symbol corresponds to an ingredient in the greenhouse. You must first form two pairs to combine them and get the right mixture. You will find all the elements in our images above.

Then place the valve and the mixture in the irrigation system to open the passage. Follow Hannah to the barn. Enter the barn in the red gloom. You will find a ladder in the room next to the projector screen. In the heights, you will be in front of several plank. Move carefully on plank to hear if it makes a noise. If a sound occurs, step back and try another plank. Pass only on silent boards. During our game, the path was: left, right, left.

On the way to Hannah, enter the red bubble to collect the red orb. Exit through the back door to join Hannah at the large door. You may have understood it, but you must find all the orbs to be able to open the large door.

First search the indigo bubble in the indigo darkness to the left of Hannah to find the indigo orb (that’s a lot of indigo). Repeat with the yellow bubble. A mandacoeur is on the left of the bubble, if you want to eliminate the enemies around. Do the same with the green and orange bubble.

To join the blue bubble passed through an entrance under the palisade. With the orbs in hand, place the orbs in this order to open the large door: red, indigo green, orange, yellow blue. The colors match the sign above the door.

The guru wakes up. Use the same technique i.e. attack and dodge to defeat him effortlessly. In the second phase of the fight, do not hit nearby enemies. Attract them to the periphery of the area and go directly to the reflector to break it. If you have moved far enough away from the reflector, you will have enough time. Perform the operation on the other two reflectors to finish the fight.

Chapter 6

This is the final chapter, follow Hannah at the start only to be separated when Angie arrives. Run to the end of the path to find a sealed door. You will have to find metal parts to open it. You will find the first coin on the balcony of the hut. Be careful, the balcony collapses when you pick up the item. Take the opportunity to engulf yourself in the fault against the wall. You will find a coin at the foot of a skeleton. The last piece is outside behind located between carts. Combine the object pieces for the key and open the sealed door. Follow the signs to the dome to reach Hannah.

A chase starts after the cutscene. Flee by taking the free paths towards Hannah. At the end of the road, the final battle begins.

The fight is based on the same principles as the fights before. Strike and dodge at the right time. Sanity drops quickly on the ground, take a break in the center of the arena in the Sanctuary to calm down. At the start of the fight, dodge Sonny’s attack to avoid being impaled. Then attack the monster while paying attention to the vines on the lateral sides. If they light up, prepare to dodge. When Kim uses her power, run in the direction of the monster so you don’t get impaled. When it’s Maya’s turn hit her to call back her flying beasts. Chain Hannah and Tyler to avoid being impacted by their power.

At the end of the fight, comes the turn of Angie and Jess. Go around the arena to dodge Angie. Hit Jess’s head in passing when Angie is not nearby. Chain a few hits together before circling around and attacking again. Proceed slowly but surely to finish the fight. You will unlock one of three endings upon completion depending on your playstyle and collected collectibles.

How to get different endings?


  • Pick up documents
  • Often regenerate the spirit
  • Choose mental dialogue options
  • Avoid killing enemies


  • Kill cult members
  • Regenerate your health (ginger)
  • Choose body options in dialogs
  • Do not take any document.
  • Avoid killing dark creatures.


  • Choosing Spiritual Dialogue Options
  • Often regenerate spiritual energy
  • Kill dark creatures
  • Do not take document.
  • Do not kill a cult member

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