[Guide] Stray : Full walkthrough

Complete walkthrough of Stray. Follow our guide to complete the adventure. Our solution lists step by step and in image the path to complete the adventure: puzzle, riddle, path, mission… Stray is an adventure game in third person view where you play as a cat. The action takes place under the neon of the alleys of a cybernetic city in decline and in the glaucous decorations of its most seedy districts. Explore the world through the eyes of a stray cat and interact with your environment in a playful way. Stray is developed by BlueTwelve Studio, a small team based in the south of France mostly made up of cats and a handful of humans.

Chapters of Stray


Here you are in the skin of a cat. In the tutorial, start by interacting with your three legged companions in the lair and go to bed next to them to trigger a cutscene. Immediately after, go straight ahead following the other cats to trigger a new cutscene. After a fall that separates you from the group, you find yourself in the sewers. Move towards the red light of the electric door and pass below the gates to discover an underground city.

Dead city

In the first chapter, move forward in the city by jumping the obstacles that come your way. Follow the illuminated signs to find your way. You come across a dead end and a fan that prevents you from continuing. Drop below in the lower part to find a bucket near the pipes and a closed door. Collect the seal and put the bucket against the fan to block the propellers and move forward.

In this new area, a blue paint can is lit up in front of you. Jump to reach it, drop it so it breaks a window below. Drop down through the broken window to enter an apartment. Inside, follow the glowing screens to find an exit. Jump into the hanging bucket to continue your exploration. Keep following the bright neon lights to encounter a robot on the ground. Interact with the machine and advance your journey to unlock a cutscene.

Zurks are attacking you. Follow the tutorial and signage to survive the chase. Keep moving forward following the bright neon lights. Sheltered in the apartment, follow the signs to reach an alley. Go ahead and climb on a roof. Drop the wooden plank to the side to reach the roof opposite. Climb to the blue window to reach a new building. On the roof, locate the metal barrel. Go inside and move the barrel near the wall and the barrels. Climb on the barrel you just moved and jump on the sheet above to continue your way.

Jump on the metal beam and reach the scaffolding. Jump from platform to platform following the signs to continue. At the edge of the precipice, look around to find a wooden plank. Reach its top to knock it down and cross. On the other side, follow the light garlands to jump from balcony to balcony. When you have reached the stairs of a building pass the gate through its bars. You reach a new fan. Look down the wall to the left to spot its power supply. Interact with it to cut the power and pass between the propellers.


In the apartment, look for a monitor that is on. Climb on the keyboard to initiate a dialogue and open the door at the back of the room. Inside you need to find and place four power supplies to power up the control panel. A first block is in front of the control panel on a table near a lit screen. For the second block, pull the lever against the wall to move a cart. Collect the block below on the trolley. The third block is up on the bookcase opposite a camera. And finally jump on the trolley to collect the last block on a shelf. Once in possession of all the blocks connect them to the control panel on the sockets below. A secret room opens.

In this room, climb on the shelf to drop a box and get an object inside. Place the object on the platform indicated on the control panel of the previous room. You get a new companion B-12. Follow it to unlock a new door. The exit is blocked by a code. Head into the room to the left down the hall to find the code. It sits on a board behind a can of paint above a shelf. The code is 3748. Go through the door using the code and jump into the bucket to reach the next area. Keep moving forward to reach a new bucket that overlooks a nest of Zurks. Run towards the white neon representing a house, engulf yourself in the passage to go to the next level.

The slums

Your arrival in the slums does not go unnoticed. All the alarms go off and the locals run away from you. Advance in the city on alert to go talk to the guard. Show him the postcard from the outside world so he can show you the way to go. You have to find Momo who in an apartment lives near an orange neon. Climb in his direction and enter Momo’s house through a window.

Meet Momo to unlock your next mission: find the four Outsider Notebooks. Speak with Momo, to get her notebook. You only have three left. To find the missing notebooks, you must go to the buildings with a blue logo identical to that of Momo. The first apartment is opposite Momo’s. Exit through the window to identify the building in the distance. Head into this apartment to find Clementine’s notebook in the back room near a computer.

When you come out of Clementine’s, the next apartment to visit is to the west. Enter the apartment which looks more like a library. Search the area to find several stacks of books. Behind them, you find the key to a Doc’s safe lying on a bed. Doc’s chest is in M Alley. Unlock the chest to retrieve the notebook.

The last notebook is opposite Doc’s. Look for two large poles with a white light to easily spot the building. To enter the apartment you must go through the roof where a fan blocks your access. Turn off its power to enter. In the apartment, jump on the two piles of boxes to make them fall and find Zbaltazar’s notebook. Return to Momo to show her the notebooks. You get a new objective. Momo needs you to install a transmitter on top of a tower. Get out of his house and walk towards the tower.


When you arrive on the rooftops, Zurks block your way. Run and go around them to move forward. You can also lure them into the area before the stairs by meowing to clear the way. As you continue forward, you’ll come across a neon sign that brings back a memory to B-12. Near it is a removable metal beam. You must jump twice above the roof opposite. On the roof, enter the barrel to roll it and place yourself below a metal beam. Climb and jump from beam to beam to fall again on Zurks.

To get rid of them, hack the first grid so that all the Zurks accumulate in the airlock in front of you. Once they’re all clumped inside, hack the door again and rush to the other side, jumping over the chasm to outrun them. On the other side enter the barrel and roll it towards the emergency exit. Continue your journey to enter a territory of Zurks. Watch out for enemies and follow the lamps to advance.

Climb to reach an area with a barrel and again a door with a mechanism. Enter the barrel and crush the Zurks by rolling over them. Once the way cleared, open the door and return to the barrel to advance it under a metal beam suspended in height. Climb on the beam and keep climbing without stopping.

As you climb, you reach the bottom of the light tower. An elevator allows you to go up. Activate a lever to call the elevator. Be careful when bringing it down an army of Zurk is also coming down. You must survive. Go around the area without running back to attract the Zurks. Go around the area several times, skirting the periphery. Once the elevator is down, lure the Zurks away and run towards the elevator. Climb the elevator using the crates at the bottom left of the elevator. Once at the top, go put the radio on the antenna. Then climb into the bucket to descend from the roofs and return to Momo.

The slums – part 2

In Momo’s apartment, a note is taped to the television. She tells you that Momo is in the bar. Use B-12 to unlock the window with a code. The bar is downstairs from Momo’s, a red neon sign on the front shows you where it is. Momo is standing at the entrance to the bar and waiting for you. Go inside and sit next to Momo. On the computer, you learn that Zbaltazar is alive and that a certain Seamus forbids you to go into the sewers to join him. Seamus’ father « Doc » is said to have created a weapon against the Zurks that could help you. To find Doc’s lab, Momo takes you to Seamus. Enter the path Momo points out and talk to Seamus.

Seamus seems reluctant to talk to you, show him his dad’s notebook. You must then find a clue indicating the location of the secret room in the house. Climb on the shelves of the room and interact with the table of a man to discover a digicode. To find the code interact with another painting representing Seamus and his father. Translate the code with B-12 to get the hint: time is key. Turn around to find four clocks. Look at the small hands of the four clocks to find the code: 2511. You can enter Doc’s lab.

Climb onto the shelf in the new room to drop an empty box and retrieve a broken tracer. Show it to Seamus. To fix the tracker, exit Seamus’s and head to Grandma’s near the bar to find Elliot Programming. You find the door easily, it is full of digital writing. Scratch at the door to be let in. Inside, follow the red neon arrow to go up and find Elliot. He can repair your plotter, but on one condition. He needs something to warm up. Exit and go see Grandma’s clothes by following the signs outside. The latter tells you that an electric cable is needed to knit a poncho. Head near the warden’s house to find the Trader Merchant. By examining his merchandise, you will find the famous cable, but to obtain it, you must collect Super Spirit washing powder.

Head to Lavomatic Super Spirit. The manager won’t let you in. Climb onto the roof of the laundromat and meow near the two men who are throwing pots of paint at each other. You have to startle them and drop a can of paint on the street. The manager will clean up your nonsense. Sneak into the laundromat and grab a jar of Super Spirit laundry detergent near the window. Return to the Troqueur merchant to retrieve the electric cable. Go give the cable to Grandma and bring the poncho to Elliot so that he can repair the tracer. Return to Seamus to give him the tracer and follow him to enter the dead end area.

Dead End

In the Dead End, go straight ahead avoiding the Zurks, gain height to avoid them as much as possible. Go through a lit hole when the road is closed. You reach an area flooded with green water. To continue your way, you must join the barrels in the water. Jump twice on the metal beam to reach the barrels. Continue forward to reach an area with an off power generator. We need to find the generator’s power supply. Follow the yellow wire connected to the generator to enter an apartment through the window.

Go down the apartment stairs to find the Doc. Search the room to find a desk with a yellow object on it, interact with it. You just found the Defluxor, the anti-Zurks weapon. The doc gives you a fuse to power the generator and fix the Defluxor. Return to the generator to place the fuse there. You have to go back to the Doc, but the Zurks are in on it. Advance towards the Doc at the same time as his light which eradicates the enemies for you.

You must now help the Doc to reach the hovel. Advance by eliminating the Zurks in your path with the Defluxor while being careful of overheating. On your way, a door is locked, you must restore the power. There are two barrels in this area, you have to move the first forward to let the second pass on the left. Climb the barrel to reach a new area. In this area, jump on the lever to open a metal gate.

Eradicate your enemies with the Defluxor and head to the large metal portal. Open the portal to let the Doc through. Kill the Zurks trying to infiltrate while Doc closes the portal. After this heatstroke, talk to him to continue. Follow him and bring the Doc back to the hovel to his son. Join Momo in the sewers. The guard shows you the way. Speak with Momo and board his boat to continue the adventure and find Zbaltazar.

The sewers

A first gate blocks your way. Go to the right and cross through one of the holes. You need to find a way to unlock the gate for Momo. Head to the left side of the area to find a lever and jump on it. Watch out for Zurks nest. Use your Delfuxor on the nests to eradicate them. Get back on the road with Momo.

A new obstacle stands in front of you. You must open the electric door to continue moving forward. A cutscene begins and Momo leaves to activate a lever. Unfortunately the door remains blocked. Speak with Momo to open the door manually. Continue alone passing under the half-open door thanks to Momo. Move towards the lighted areas, to find a space filled with Zurks nest. Kill all Zurks with your Defluxor. Once the field is clear, jump on the lever in the center of the room to continue.

Move forward following the lights and dodge the enemies. On your way, you will pass an open metal door. After this door, run without stopping to escape the Zurks. You land on pipes, follow the light and move forward. Again, an electric door blocks your way. Eradicate the nests of Zurks to be more peaceful. To unlock the door, you must open its two electric locks. They are positioned on each side of the door and they have a red screen. Pass under the door by jumping on the barrels.

Continue forward to trigger a cutscene. You are being chased by a horde of Zurks. Run without looking back towards lit areas. Watch out for Zurks and take the opposite path when possible. Run to reach a closing portal. Go through the portal to be rescued. B-12, he is in bad shape. Interact with your companion to perk it up. In the room, there are two fans in action. Use the computer between the two fans to hack the ventilation system. Enter the right fan to continue your way through the sewers. A grid filled with pieces of metal and cardboard prevents you from moving forward. Borrow the hole in bottom of the grid to pass on the other side. Continue forward to enter the village of Zblatazar.


In the village you have to climb up the tree. Climb the first wooden ladder on the left. Continue forward to find a man sitting on a couch. Take the ladder near him to move forward. You come across a man contemplating the landscape. The ladder near him is unusable, climb on the side thanks to the fan. You find Zblatazar who tells you to go downtown to find Clementine. To get there, climb to the top of the village using the pipe.

You enter a dark area. Look to the left to find a generator with no power. Keep moving forward to experience the downtown metro. Enter the metro train to reach the platform in front of you. Go forward and climb the stairs to reach the city center. To find where Clémentine lives, you must show her photo to the inhabitants.


Explore the dowtown to find a worker. He repairs a vehicle near a direction sign. Show him Clementine’s photo to get a clue to her whereabouts. You learn how to decipher the message behind the photo. The first symbol corresponds to the street, the second to the floor and the third to the door. Clementine lives across the street with the indicated symbol, third floor, door five. Continue forward through the city center. You will find a central square with a hologram. From the square, go to the street where there is a man lying on a sofa. Proceed down this street to see the photo symbol at the entrance to a building. Go up to the third floor and enter apartment five through the window.

Advance in the apartment to meet Clementine. To repair the subway, you need to get your hands on an atomic battery. It can be found in the Neco Corporation factories. You need to find Clementine’s contact to infiltrate the factory. Return to the city center to find a robot wearing a bomber jacket and a gold chain. Enter the clothing store near the central square. Talk to the manager and show him Clementine’s note. He tells you that the robot named Blazer is behind his shop. Exit the shop and go right to find Blazer behind the shop. He is against a lighted wall reading a newspaper.

In order for Blazer to help you, you need to find him a helmet and a construction jacket. The helmet can be found in a hat shop. It is located near the central plaza hologram. The helmet is in the display case. For the construction jacket, enter the clothing store. The jacket is also in the display case. This time, the manager prevents you from taking the jacket. You have to make a diversion to steal the jacket. Go to the store’s fitting rooms to discover a hi-fi system. You need to find a tape to turn on some music and lure the manager into the booths.

Return to Clementine’s building. One of the residents is walking around with a stereo. To get one of his tapes you have to give back to the community. Talk to the robot sitting near a tree. He needs you to destroy the building’s three security cameras. Turn facing the street and look up into the building. All cameras are on the first floor. A camera is in front of you. A second is placed on the right and the last on the left side in front of the second. Go to the first floor and jump on the cameras to break them. Go back to the sitting robot to get a tape.

Return to the store and put the tape in the stereo. The manager goes immediately in the direction of the cabins. Take the opportunity to steal the jacket. Go back to Blazer and give him the clothes. A cutscene begins and you enter the Neo Corporation factory.

Get out of the box and move forward in the factory. Be careful not to be spotted by the drones. To escape them, hide in the cardboard boxes. Wait until the field is clear before moving forward. In the space with water, jump on the barrels to reach the area in front of you. Go around the drone to take the door on the right. Move forward to reach a new area with an illuminated door guarded by a drone. Climb on the crates at the right time to reach a removable beam. On the other side near the door, jump on the lever to unlock an electric door. Retrace your steps and head to the right at the electric door.

To continue, advance at the same time as the crates suspended by a crane. By advancing at the same pace, you avoid the drones. Go through the barrel area and go left to find a lever. Jump on it and keep moving forward through the crates. Laser barriers prevent you from advancing. Use the barrel to pass the lasers. You are in the room where the atomic pile is.

To retrieve the battery, you must unlock its security. To do this, you must place objects on the three light tiles in the area. The slabs are located around the pile. A mobile box is already on one of the tiles. Interact with her to have her follow you. Take her to the level of the fence near the lasers. Climb on it to go to the other side of the fence. A new mobile box is placed at this location. Use the lever near the crate to open the fence. Position each of the mobile boxes on each, a slab. Finish positioning the barrel on the last light tile. Collect the atomic battery. Exit the room and jump into the bucket to return to Clementine.

Clementine’s building is guarded by the police. Sneak past the security barrier. Return to the third floor to go to Clémentine. Easier said than done, drones make it difficult for you. Be patient and wait for the drones to have their backs turned to move forward. Use the cardboard boxes to hide. On the Clementine floor, use the railing to get behind the drone. Enter the apartment and interact with the clue panel.

Clem is not in the apartment, she left you a message. You need to find four items in his apartment to find out more. The first object is in the living room. Place on the coffee table, there is a pot of incense. Interact with it to get part of the message. In the living room, at the level of the library, there is a pink sheet. Interact with to open a drawer. Climb on the drawer to reach the mezzanine. You find crystals and a piece of the message under the tent. In the bathroom is the third object. On the head of a mannequin, is placed a traffic cone. Inspect it to find a snippet of the message. The last object is placed in the kitchen. High on the shelves is a light with a heart. Interact with to get the full message: I’m with Blazer, come to the club.

Exit the apartment and return to the central square at the level of the hologram. Watch out for drones when exiting the building. To identify the bar, look for a purple neon with a drink. A bouncer is at the entrance and won’t let you in. Go down the street on the left to get to the back of the bar. You find a robot with a cone on its head talking to another robot at its window. Climb the window and talk to the robot to enter the bar.

Get a weird drink on the left side of the bar. Two robots, one of which is leaning on with a lever in his hand, are on the side of the bar. Give the weird drink to the robot to get the lever. Go behind the dj decks and insert the lever on the mechanism near the hologram. You knocked down a pillar. Step onto the dj decks and hop on the lower piller. When the pillar goes up, jump on the structure in height to go on a platform.

On the platform is the light control panel. You can move them by pressing one of the three buttons. To clear your way, press once left, once in the center. Again once to the left then to the center and finish with the right button. Advance on the structures of the lights. Continue on your way to trigger a cutscene. You are locked in a suspended crate. Move from right to left to break the crate against the pipe. Climb through the beams to enter the jail.

The jail

Jump on the beams to reach the crate where you were held. Continue advancing on the barrels. To access the cells, climb on the pipes and grids. Be careful with drones, hide in crates if needed. Go down the stairs to reach a trash can. Get on it with a crate and find Clementine. The key to her cell lock is in the room opposite your friend.

To retrieve the key, go to the lighted room at the back of the area. Enter through the bars of the door. Go through the window to reach the window of the next room. Enter and retrieve the key above the desk. Return to open your friend’s cell. Follow it to keep moving forward. To rescue B-12, enter the detention area through the windows of an office.

Dodge the first lasers through the high beams. The second lasers are to be avoided thanks to the pipes. Go behind the desk to escape the drone and keep moving towards the lasers. They are to be avoided by jumping high. You arrive at the control area, guard by drones. Hide in the boxes to avoid them. Head into the bright area where there is a lever. Jump on it to take out the lasers holding B-12 down.

Go get B-12, in the area in front of the lever. Return to Clementine with B-12. You can now open the door where Clementine was waiting and follow her. A closed fence blocks your way. Drop a stack of bricks on top of a trash can. Clementine will break a window above the fence with one of the bricks. Using your friend, access the window. On the other side, go into the office and jump on the lever. Keep moving forward with the robot.

You must secure the area to advance. To block the drone in the cell on the left, get yourself spotted. Once chased, go to the cell. As soon as the drone has reached you, exit immediately. Lock up the drone by interacting with the cell’s red box. The next challenge is to lock up three drones. Two drones are outside and one inside the cell. Leave the cell on Clementine’s side closed. Get spotted by the two drones outside and lure them into the cell where a third drone is doing its rounds. Lure the drone to the end of the cell and pop out to lock them in.

Keep moving forward following the robot. Again, you are blocked by a fence. Go to the other side through a hole in a broken gate near the entrance to the room. Activate the lever for Clementine to join you. To unlock the electric door, take the keys from the vehicle near you. Get in the back of the vehicle. You will back up and have access to a high passage behind you. Jump over the fence and pull the lever at the end of the path. Return to the vehicle. Dodge the drones and run after the vehicle to get on it. You are out of jail.

Separated from Clementine, return to the generator near the subway to insert the battery there. The power is restored, go to the subway train. Get on the driver’s seat and start the subway. Use the key Clementine gave you to move the machine forward.

Control room

Exit the metro and take the escalator on your way. You land in the hall of the control room. You must liberate the city. Explore the area and head to the control room. An inscription on the wall indicates its location. In front of the room, inspect the control panel on the right. To open the door, you must cooperate with B-12. Interact with the control panel again for B-12 to unlock the second panel on the left. Interact with the nearby mobile box to reach the panel. Scratch the electrical wires with your claws to open the door.

Enter the control room. Head to the back of the room towards a red screen. Interact with the central computer next to the red screen. To turn on the rest of the computers in the center of the room, jump on their keyboards. Turn all screens blue to continue.

Your next mission is to unlock the workstation to open the city gates. You need to find three yellow screen computer. The first is to the left of the control room. Climb on the crates to drop the board. It gives you access to the electrical wire of the computer. Scratch the wires then use B12 to hack into the computer to destroy its security.

The second computer is to the right of the workstation. Access the thread below. Scrape the threads again and hack the machine. The last computer is to the right of the control room. Climb to the right of this computer to access the wire and hack its security. Go drop B-12 on the work station to unlock the town. Exit the control room and go through the door connected to the city. You are finally outside.

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