[Guide] Choo-Choo Charles: Complete Walkthrough [EN]

Choo-Choo Charles walkthrough available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Choo-Choo Charles is a survival-horror inspired by a meme. Check out our guide to the main path of the game.



At the start of the game, follow Eugene to get a key to a small cabin. Use the key on the hangar door in front of Eugene to discover your train.

Board the train and move forward with the levers to exit the shed. Choo-choo attacks you and Eugene has fallen overboard. Stop the machines to find him. You arrive in time to hear his last words.

You now know your objective, to collect Choo-choo’s eggs. You can now study the map to identify the different missions present on the island. The yellow NPCs offer you essential side quests to improve your train. Red NPCs are missions to get extra weapons. Blue NPCs are the main missions. We recommend doing the side quests to improve the damage and speed of the train to the maximum. Conserve your resources to upgrade the train, don’t waste them fixing it.

The first egg

If you continue on the right track from the start, you’ll come across the first main mission. Speak to Helen in her hut so that she gives you the key to the nearby mine. After the discussion, the location of the southern mine appears on your map. Go to the mine to unlock the entrance with the key. 

Search the cave to find the first egg at the bottom. Watch out for the masked guards inside. Jump while running to gain speed and dodge their shots.

The second egg

Start the second main mission by speaking with Greg in the Northeast (the blue NPC). He gives you the key to the second mine to the north to explore.

Go to the location marked on your map to the north. Get inside the mine by running and jumping. The guards are difficult to avoid discreetly so favor speed. Pull the lever near the grate to collect the second egg and exit the mine.

The third egg

Talk to the NPC Gale in the northwest (southernmost) to get the key and the location of the third mine.

Open the mine gate with the key and go inside to find an elevator. Use the elevator to reach the depths and find the last egg. Return to the surface with a second elevator to complete the mission

The trap

Talk to the NPC Paul in the northwest to get the deconstruction site mission. Go to the location marked on your map to reach a wooden bridge. Take the nearby stairs to place bombs on each pillar of the bridge. 

The fight to the death

We recommend upgrading your train with maximum speed and damage for the final fight. Collect resource crates around the map or complete side missions to get resources. Once ready, go to the location on your map to reach the temple. Place the three eggs to summon Choo-choo. Quickly start the train to gain distance from Choo-choo Charles. The use of the mouse is strongly recommended to aim and shoot faster. Shoot the boss in the head while controlling your rate of fire to complete the game

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