[Guide] Broken Pieces : Complete Walkthrough

Broken Pieces, our walkthrough to survive the main story. Broken Pieces is an adventure, investigation and action thriller set in France. The game immerses you in the character of Élise, a woman in her thirties who has found herself trapped in the small isolated village of Saint-Exil in Bretagne. Riddles and strange phenomena await you.

At the start of the game Elise wakes up in a nightmare. Reach the end of the tunnel and interact with the screens to wake up. Once inside your house, you must search for Elise’s three personal items to be able to exit.

Start by recovering the cassette player on the workshop in the room behind. Go down to the main floor of the house and go through the door to the left of the stairs to find the notebook in the kitchen. Finally, open the chest in the living room to retrieve ammunition. Go through the front door to exit outside.

Outside, collect the gun in the cabin in height and run the tutorial in the various stands to be able to pass the portal of the house. In the street, reach the portal leading to the lighthouse below.

Near the lighthouse, devotees attack you, defend yourself against the attackers. After the fight, get an ax from a stump near the car. Go down the cliff and use the ax against the tree. Use the storm to knock down the tree and go to the other side. Continue forward to reach the lighthouse called l’Écrin. Read the information panel to identify its creation date 1983. Enter the lighthouse and go down the stairs to find a locker. Use code 1983 to open the padlock and retrieve the circuit breaker inside. Go through the door behind to reach a hallway. A fight starts, defend yourself. Search the corridor to pass behind the fence. You find a second locker blocked by a padlock. We will come back to this later. Return to the turbine control room. Access computer and unlock security.

Exit the lighthouse and take the left path to find an electric gate. Use the circuit breaker triggered by a puzzle. To solve this puzzle, analyze the colors of the wires above the box and reproduce the order indicated to open the gate: black, white, blue, yellow. Connect the circuit breaker to 240 V to be able to open the gate. On the other side, use your ax and create a storm to open a second portal. On the square, identify one of the boats to obtain Franck’s birthday, March 19.

Return to the closed locker in the lighthouse while recovering the circuit breaker in your inventory. Use the date 0319 to open the padlock and retrieve a valve. In the corridor of the lighthouse, use the valve on the location of the pipe in the center. You can now regulate the tension of the valves. Looking at the table of turbines you understand that you must add the sum of the two valves side by side to obtain the number 100. The first two must be set at 50 and the third at 75 and the last is blocked at 25. Go back in the turbine control room to restore power to the village on the computer. Use the computer that just turned on to find your new objective: you must return home.

The village is now powered, return to Élise’s house to explore the attic near the training stands. Go inside and interact with the locker to find a secret passage. Press the red button in the center of the room to turn on the light. Study the various paintings in the room to obtain information and pick up the document on the left. Go upstairs and return to Elise’s bed to move on to the next day.

When you wake up, collect the new tapes near the tape recorder. Élise must now go to the village church. Exit the house to head towards the cemetery opposite. Use the circuit breaker to power the gate. Trigger the power of the rain to open the box above and reproduce the order of the electrical wires either: blue black white yellow. Once in the cemetery, go to the bottom to find a note from the electrician on a grid. A crow perched above a tree stole his key. Ask about the thief on the information panel near the haystacks and planks.

Élise now knows the essential information to recover the crow’s key. Start by knocking down the scarecrows around the cemetery to reassure the crow perched. The first is next to the game table, the second above the haystack in the center of the graveyard, and the behind a tree in the back.

Then take the shiny mushroom in front of the crow on the trunk. Drop the mushroom in front of the crow’s tree, throwing it away. Take a little distance so that the crow descends to eat the mushroom and to drop the key. Don’t forget to pick up the mushroom on the way.

Then use the key with the repair van near the house on the street. Collect the ax from the back of the van and unlock the passage of the ladder in the cemetery. You can now retrieve the circuit breaker to place it in the graveyard gate passing through the ladder. Use your rain power to get the order of the electric wires and reproduce them. The circuit breaker is not enough to open the door. Go back to the first scarecrow to find a propeller. Use the lever and trigger a storm to spin it. You lead the way to the beach.

At the beach, go down the stairs and go straight ahead, unlocking the bridge to find a gas station. Retrieve the cog placed on a crate. Continue down towards the antenna. Pull a lever to remove the circuit breaker from the panel. The snow is falling. Élise catches a cold and has to go home to change. Go through the cemetery down the ladder to reach the house. Search the chest of drawers in the entrance and leave the house so that Élise gets dressed.

Return to the beach, this time taking the right path. Use the lever you picked up at the location next to the bridge. Use the power of rain to knock down the bridge and cross to the other side. Use the fountain near the bridge to snow Saint-Exile. Then go down by the pontoon at the bottom to reach the beach at low tide. Collect shrimp from the shrimp locker on the beach. Go through the passage to the left of the beach to enter a tunnel. Go to the bottom of the tunnel to find a ladder. Climb the ladder to trigger a fight. Fight them dedicated and collect the cog on the left near the fence on a crate.

Return to the beach near the pontoon to find a portal. Use the two cogs on either side of the portal to repair it. Place a mushroom and two shrimp in front of the gate to attract the birds. Climb above the pontoon to activate the crane by pressing the button. Go through the gate and continue down the path to find the church. Enter the church and explore to the altar to find a book near a cross. Élise has to go home to study the book in her bed. Return home to start a new day.

When you wake up, get Elise’s tapes near the tape recorder. Return to the church altar to take the church key located in the center of the cross. Head to the east wing of the church to find the storage room. Search the tool box at the back of the room to find a flower house doorknob. Exit at the back of the church to find a new entrance. Retrieve the ax from the stump near the lamp post. Go deep to find planks to smash against a wall. Use the nearby fountain to create a passage in the wall.

Take the passage to enter through a new entrance to the church. Head deeper into the church to find a courtyard leading to the library. Inside, recover the plaque of Abbé Rouaux behind glass. Go towards the lighthouse and continue until you reach new boards. Use the ax to clear the boards. Use the fountain near the lighthouse to change the weather and create a passage to the white mansion. Climb up to reach a tunnel leading to the moat. Change the weather to a normal climate. Turn a first valve to let the water flow into the basin. Change the time to step on the basin and recover the second valve behind the bars. Use the valve on the location near the pond to let the water flow into the village.

Go back through the tunnel to take the path to the beach. Once there, lower the bridges with the levers with a storm. Proceed to the white mansion to find a note on the door regarding the keys. These are kept in the Panier à Crabes restaurant. Return to the beach gas station to find the nearby Crab Basket. Go inside and go upstairs. To solve the puzzle, block the furniture so that the light reaches the back secretary.

Collect the key and go back to the white mansion. By the way change the weather for snowy weather at the fountain. Open the entrance gate and access the outside courtyard. Walk on the frozen basin to find Reault’s plaque on a stele.

There is only one plate left to recover. Direction the flower mansion at the lighthouse with clear weather. Use the handle with the wooden gate to open it. Enter the flower mansion through the back door and unlock the front door. Use the fountain to change the weather with snow and enter the building. Go upstairs and exit through the balcony behind. Go down and pass the frozen pool to reach the basement. Use code 1155 to enter and collect the last plate.

Return to the church to place the plates on the cross there. Enter the crypt just below the stairs to find a score. Head to the west wing of the church towards the bell tower to find an organ. Play the music sheet, B,E,F#,G to unlock the door on the right. Take the door and go up to the bell tower to find the work of the ornithologist. Study the documents collected in Elise’s bed.

The next day go to the basement of the house to study the Rorqual tapes.

You will need to analyze cassettes number 1, 3 and 4. Configure the machine according to the images above to obtain three messages that incorporate geographical positions.

Use the overhead projector at the basement entrance to geolocate the data obtained. Take the third slide and affix the coordinates with the island at the top left. You get the contact details needed to send the message. With his new information, go to the lighthouse and interact with the computer from the start to send the message. Everything is racing, head for the entrance stairs to interact with a new computer and trigger the final scene.

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