[Guide] As Dusk Falls : How to get the best ending

As Dusk Falls our walkthrough to get the best ending. A Dusk Falls is a rich, multi-branch narrative experience. And like all multiple-choice video game works, the best choices are subjective. In our article, we have grouped together all the choices allowing you to save and free the most characters. By borrowing these choices you ensure a future for the characters during the 30 years in which the story unfolds. Please note our article contains many spoilers, it is advisable to start a game first before continuing. Note that if you’re looking to save Dale or Jim’s characters, it’s impossible to save them from dying.

Michelle and Vince

Vince and Michelle are a rocky couple. In addition to being the victim of a robbery Vince is the victim of adultery by his wife. To get the best outcome you must of course survive the robbery. Adjust your choices by taking care of Michelle and Zoe. Stay safe and cooperate with the Holts. If all goes well, you will have to dislodge Michelle from the rubble with the help of Joyce and confront Dante in the hotel bathroom. Swap Vince with Zoe in Chapter 3. in the endgame so the family is unscathed by Chapter 4 thanks to Jay. You need to free Vince in the woods. To save the couple, you must decide to sue the airline with Vince in Chapter 3. Then comes the hardest part, you must forgive Michelle for her infidelity with Bruce by trusting him to move forward. Vince will open a school and end his old age alongside Michelle.

Paul and Sharon

Paul and Sharon are an old childhood couple. The choice affects the fate of Dante, the town sheriff. Their fates are linked in chapter 5, when Sharon breaks into Paul’s house. As Paul you must first leave no trace of Sharon’s passage. Hide the bra, the glass and the cigarettes so Dante doesn’t suspect a thing. Then warn Dante of Sharon’s attack. Rally Sharon’s cause at the end by escaping to the car. Pass the QTE to bring down Dante.

Jay and Zoe

To get the best ending for Jay, you need to create a romantic relationship with Vanessa. Everything is played out in chapter 5. You must contain Jay’s urges in the evening so that Vanessa is not disappointed. Then confess your feelings at the campsite by leaving with her for Canada. In Chapter 6, complete all the QTEs to jump off the waterfall with Vanessa and free Jay from the police. Zoe later comes at the end of the game to meet Jay at a cabin. Comfort him and forgive him so that Jay decides to stay safe and sound in Canada.

Tyler and Bear

Jay holds the fate of father and son Tyler and Bear in his hands. In order for Tyler to evade the police, you need to keep the location of the shack in Chapter 4 with Ash undisclosed. When Tyler goes after Jay, you must spare Tyler to keep him alive and escape. To save Bear you just have to save him from suicide in the barn in chapter 3. Bear is the only one who goes to Dale’s grave at the end of the game.

Joyce and Ash

The fate of mother and son are not linked. Joyce is connected to Dale’s fate in the hotel. You have to save him from sniper fire with Vince so that Joyce can finish the night of the heist. As for Ash, this one doesn’t really matter. You have to make do with surviving his journey through the woods by not talking to the police at the cabin in the woods.

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