[Guide] As Dusk Falls : All choices and consequences

Our complete guide lists all the walkthrough, choices, endings, paths and branches of all the chapters of the game. Our guide shows you in pictures all the solutions to obtain the different finishes. As Dusk Falls is a rich, multi-branching narrative experience. And like all multiple-choice video game works, the best choices are subjective. In our article, we have grouped together all the choices that allow you to save and free the most characters. Note that if you’re looking to save Dale or Jim’s characters, it’s impossible to save them from dying.

As Dusk Falls Chapters :

Chapter 1 : Desert Dream

Chapter 2 : Economics 101

Chapter 3 : Small Seconds

Chapter 4 : Shima

Chapter 5 : Paradise Found

Chapter 6 : Cascade

At the beginning of this chapter, you may have the following scenarios:

  • The Walkers survive the desert dream
  • Vince and Michelle died in the Desert Dream
  • Vince survived the Desert Dream
  • Michelle survived the Desert Dream

Zoé has the opportunity to talk about the future with :

  • Vince if Michelle died or if they both survived
  • Michelle if Vince is dead
  • Jim if she is an orphan

Jay’s Fate :

  • Jay given stay of execution
  • Jay arrested in Canada
  • Jay Remained in Canada
  • Jay is executed in prison
  • Jay move on

Vince’s Fate :

  • Vince opened flight school
  • Vince signs the NDA, takes an office job
  • Vince dies in the motel or in the car during the hostage

Michelle’s Fate :

  • Michelle escaped uninjured
  • Michelle dies during the hostage situation
  • Michelle gets engaged to someone else

Vince and Michelle’s Fate :

  • Vince and Michelle stayed married
  • Vince and Michelle get divorced

Tyler’s Fate :

  • Tyler became fugitive
  • Tyler goes to jail
  • Tyler is shot by a policeman in the cabin and dies

Sharon’s Fate :

  • Sharon went to prison
  • Sharon escapes the country with Paul,  becomes a fugitive
  • Sharon escape the country alone

2 thoughts on “[Guide] As Dusk Falls : All choices and consequences

  • how to do « Hostages Took Cover » and « Ran Back For Michelle »?

  • Hello Eszter,

    To do « Hostages Took Cover », you have to chose not to run when Michelle is injured. Everybody stay with her and Jim don’t get knocked out
    To do « Ran Back For Michelle », you have to chose Ran for the doors when Michelle is injured. She can’t follow the group because of her injury and everyone stays in the motel.

    Thanks !


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