[Guide] Amnesia The Bunker: Full Walkthrough [EN]

Our complete walkthrough of the main path of Amnesia: The Bunker. Discover our tips and solution to solve the puzzles of the game. Amnesia: The Bunker is a horror and survival video game developed and published by Frictional Games. Amnesia The bunker is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Game Pass


Survival tips

Amnesia The Bunker uses several random components. The creature in the game is unpredictable and we cannot anticipate all of its actions in our walkthrough. To help you, follow our advice below:

  • All secondary item codes and locations are randomized from game to game. If you get a code, you can reload your previous game to use it without completing the path. You will preserve your resources.
  • You can break wooden doors with a brick.
  • You can use flaming torches and flares to scare away rats.
  • You can anticipate the appearances of the creature. If an entrance gives off dust, the creature is behind the wall. If the light is flashing, the creature is nearby.
  • Shoot three bullets at the creature to scare it away.
  • You can block the creature’s entrances with solid containers like gas cylinders.


At the start of Amnesia: The Bunker, you play as Henry in the heart of a trench. Move forward to find a room with ammo on the table. Collect ammo for later. Go out into the trench and move the planks that stand in your way. Further on, soldiers are ambushing you. Protect yourself behind the sandbags and shoot the soldiers so that Lambert lends you a hand. Then enter the room in front to find two fabrics. Combine items to craft a cure and heal your wounds.

Then go below the table to retrieve two grenades on the shelf. Use one of the grenades to explode the exit. Outside, shoot the barrel to blow up the barricade and head into the trench to trigger a cutscene in the smoke.

After rescuing Henri and running into the battlefield, you wake up in the Bunker’s infirmary. Leave the room and enter the illuminated room in the hallway. Pick up the torch in the cabinet and continue your way to the « Messhall ». Go through the door at the back to find a dying soldier.

Go to meet the soldier to retrieve a gun. It shows you the position of the ammo on the opposite. Once the weapon is reloaded, return to the soldier to meet your best friend in Amnesia: The Bunker. Return to the corridor of the infirmary to use your weapon against a padlock. Go into the room opposite and use the hanging lantern to save.

In the room, go down the nearby stairs to find a generator. Retrieve the watch from the chair and examine the deceased soldier’s plaque against the wall. Use the code behind Friloux’s plate to unlock the save room door. Search the corridor on the right to find a detonator with a note. You get your main mission: to blow up the exit of the Bunker.  

Officers’ quarters

Before leaving for your first task, collect the jerry cans of gasoline and feed the generator. When you’re ready, start the machine and exit the infirmary. Then go to the corridor west of the infirmary to find a valve. This maintains the emergency lock of the bunker. You won’t be able to go any further without it. Turn the valve so that it is destroyed. You need an emergency valve. Go back to the mission storage to find a conduit.

Head inside to find several lockers. Retrieve Bardin’s ground plate on the way. You can use the obtained code to retrieve the equipment inside its locker. Examine the lockers to find a valve in that of “Delisle”. We need his code to open it. Head to the soldiers’ quarters to the west. Join the stay to find barrels at the bottom. Move the barrels to get into a pipe. Remove the boards to reach « Delisle’s » bedroom. Search the corpse for its plaque.

Go back to the mission storage and use the code on the « Delisle » plate to retrieve the valve inside its locker. Use the valve in the hallway to lift the emergency lock. Go in the direction of communications at the bottom of the stairs to find the code of the arsenal.

Soldiers’ Quarters

In the comms room, head down the hall to find the closed comms room. Turn right to find the safe room. If you look inside, you will see the symbol of a key. Use a brick or an explosive to break the door. Lay low until the creature retreats and search the shelf for a note. You now know that the key is under Goff’s bunk.

Search the dorms near the safe room to find Goff’s bed. You will find the key behind his pillow. 

Before reaching the comms room follow the power cable down the hall. Activate the power supplies to power the radio. On your way rats will obstruct you. Use the meat in the nearby kitchen to scare them away. You can recover two plates on the way, one on the corpse in the corpse and one in the dormitory on Clément’s bunk.

Once the electricity is diverted, go to the communication room to lower a last lever. Interact with the radio to get the armory code.


With the code of the arsenal in hand, go in the direction of the south of the bunker. In the storage area, traps litter the ground. Jump over them to avoid them. Move forward to find a closed door. Use the code from the arsenal to unlock the armored door. After the door, go left to move crates.

Then continue through a gate to move another crate under an overturned shelf. Ahead, rats are blocking the way. Push the barrel over the rats to eliminate them. Sink down to pass under a table.

You go into the other storage room. Clear the boards to move forward and move a crate or barrel to help you up a second overturned shelf. Keep going down to find the dynamite. With the dynamite in hand, head towards the prison to get your next objective. 


Once in the prison, examine the closed room to find a grid at the bottom. Go around the corridor to find the gate. Pick up the note nearby to get your next objective: Find the Wrench. 

Go for maintenance southeast of the officers’ quarters to reach Foreman Stafford’s room. Use the remains of the corpse next to the stairs to get rid of the rats on your way. In the room, examine the desk to find a note indicating that the code is in the « Pillbox ». Retrieve the passage plate on the desk. 

Go down the hallway and follow the signs to ‘Pillbox’. To reach the room, go through the workshop. You will find a tunnel full of rats. Use a flare or torch to pass the rats. You can collect a plaque from the tunnel. Go to the « Pillbox » door to find a note. The key is held by the father in the chapel

Join the chapel to the east. Inside, retrieve a plaque from the altar and search the confessional to find the key. Use the key to open the casemate and find the Stafford plate at the top. Using the code, take the wrench from the mission storage locker.


Join the prison to open the gate. Go through the conduit to reach the cell control room. Open the prisoner’s cell on the panel and let the creature deal with him. Stay silent until the beast leaves. Go to the prisoner’s cell to retrieve a clamp. Go towards the tunnels in the arsenal. 


In the arsenal, sneak through the entrance to the tunnels. Use the pliers to remove the chain against the grid. On the other side, go into the basin. Move towards the shelves to push a crate and activate a power supply. Activate the pump at the entrance to the pool to lower the water level.

Go to the bottom of the basin to push a plank and a crate and reach a mine. On the other side, activate the save point before going any further. Go deeper into the nearby ruins. By searching a cavity, you will be able to see the detonator.

Continue through the ruins following the whispers until you reach a lower one. Be careful, prepare your weapons before descending, a fight awaits you. Move towards the half-open door so that a threat shoots in a corridor. Head inside to confront the assailant. Hide when he loads his weapon and draw yours when he’s nearby. Chase the man and kill him.

Take his weapon. In the mist, look for an illuminated statue, you will find a door nearby. Use a brick on the ground to open the door. Take the detonator behind the door. You can continue outside to find Lambert’s plate. 

In the ruins, retrace your steps and move the crates to be able to go up. Equip all the necessary items join the exit of the bunker. Once exploded, engulf yourself in the passage.

A final duel pits you against the beast in the ruins. You must be smart enough to be able to hold it and go to the stairs at the bottom of the ruins. We advise you to use the starting beam to attract it. Once the beast is at the entrance to the ruins, head for the exit. Arrived at the exit, you must stack crates to jump over the stairs. Retain the beast a ball if necessary. 

Above, rush towards the exit by clearing the stones and free yourself from this nightmare. 

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